5zig PvP Mod – 1.16.5, 1.8.9 – Revamp the Way You Play the Game

Author: EvgenBro
5zig pvp mod 1 16 5 1 8 9 revamp the way you play the game

5zig PvP MOD (1.16.5, 1.8.9) is one the most versatile mods. Although it can be used in many game modes, PvP is its strongest use. It can connect to Discord which can help players game with crafters that they aren’t necessarily connected to in person. You can also customize your HUD which is great for PvP.


Useful HUD: Fully customizable HUD with useful information such as FPS, ping, system status and more.

Capes: Select from over 20 different capes or upload your very own one to show. The capes can only be seen by other Players using the 5zig PvP mod.

Friends & Chat: Connect with your friends, make parties and chat with them directly in-game!

Internationalization: The Mod is offered in 15+ fully translated languages.

Plugins: Extend the mod even further through the inclusion of custom Plugins!

Discord Rich Presence: Direct support for Discord’s Rich presense, allowing you to display your current activity in Minecraft on your profile.


Cape Template:

5zig Pvp Mod allows Tier 2 Patreons to upload their own custom capes and elytra styles which can even be animated. Animated capes and elytras use the same format as animated textures in Resource packs do, which is having each “frame” as another part below the previous one. The animation is at a speed set by the mod. The links below allows you to download a Zip-File containing files for making static and animated cape and elytra textures. Available are files for Gimp, Paint.net and Photoshop. The raw PNG files are also provided.


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