Additional Enchanted Miner Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Advanced Machines

Author: EvgenBro
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Additional Enchanted Mining Mod 1.19.2, 1.18.2) adds advanced machinery, miner like BC (BuildCraft), and advanced miner that can be enchanted for Minecraft. This mod allows you to automatically collect resources with Fortune and Silk touch. It doesn’t need to worry about water or lava being broken down into small pieces. The machine can remove any liquid. The machines can take RF, EU and MJ energy.


  • QuarryPlus: It digs to y = 1 in the area of max 256 x 256 (blocks). Enchantments allow to improve fuel efficiency and enchanted mining.
  • PumpPlus: It adds QuarryPlus a function to pump liquid. You can make the Nether dry.
  • WorkbenchPlus: You need this to make items by this mod.
  • LaserPlus: Use this instead of 32 BC’s Laser. It improve performance of your PC and simplify wiring.
  • ChunkDestroyer: It takes less than 1 hour to flatten the area of 16 x 16 (chunks).
  • Advanced Pump: A pump faster than BC’s one.
  • Spawner Controller: Change the content of neighbor spawner.


QuarryPlus with Pumpplus

QuarryPlus Drill

Chuck Destroyer

How to use:


Use marker to dicide dig range.

Place Quarry next to the marker. If you have PumpPlus, place it next to the quarry.

Insert enough energy to quarry, not to pump.

Connect to item container. You get 3 markers if you use them to decide quarry’s range.

Quarry gets energy and starts to build frame.

Get resouces.


This machine can be enchanted with

  • Efficiency to increase energy capacity
  • Unbreaking to reduce required power
  • Fortune to dig blocks with Fortune
  • Silktouch to dig blocks with Silktouch

In defalut, silktouch requires twice as much energy as no enchanted work. Fortune requires 1.3 ^ (fortune level) times as much energy as no enchanted work.


  • Right click with StatusChacker to get enchantment info.
  • If you place without diciding range with marker, 11×11 area will be selected.
  • Before STEP 5, you can right click without item to change quarry mode to Frame mode and Quarry mode. Quarry mode is the same as BC’s quarry, digging to y = 1. Frame mode means quarry breaks blocks inside the frame. It does not mean quarry place items. Quarry can only remove blocks.
  • Mined items are inserted into internal buffer. These items are automaticaly tranfered to adjacent inventory and not dropped when quarry bloken.


Place a marker and input redstone signal to show marker laser.

Place markers on 3 corner.

Right click any marker to decide range.


PumpPlus works only when is is placed next to QuarryPlus or MiningWellPlus. This machine can remove liquid in range of miner’s work.

Place pump next to quarry.

Connect fluid pipe to extract fluid.

If you want to choose fluid to extract, right click pump with LiquidSelector.

Gui opens.

Click “Add” entry on the right to choose fluid. Add(FromList) is easier. You can just select fluid and click Done.

Fluid is added to the list.

The fluid is extracted from the direction you right clicked on with LiquidSelector.


  • Right click with StatusChacker to get info about enchantment and fluid pump contains.


Right click to open gui.

Put diamond tool (not only pickaxe) or bow on the left slot. Enchantable machine on the right.

Click “Down” and “UP” to choose enchantment to move.

Click the enchant name.


  • Items in the slots will drop if you close the gui.
  • You should use 5 pickaxes with Efficiency I instead of a pickaxe with Efficiency V to have machine enchanted with Efficiency V.


Place Spanwer Controller next to Monster Spawner.

Right click Spanwer Controller to open gui.

Select whatever entity to spawn. (This will make Minecraft very easy.)

Click done.

The entities spawn if they can. (6 or more same entities or too crowd to spawn bothers the spawning.)


  • There are many entities that can’t spawn from spawner.
  • Do not spawn boss entities like ender dragon.
  • When this machine is RS-powered, it make neighbor spawner work.


Right click to open gui.

Move items from your inventory. It can accept over 64 for 1 stack.

Click the item you want to create.

Wait for some minute and item will be interted or droped.


  • Click twice item to create it continuously.

You can add and remove recipes with IMC.

class ModClass{
    //From 2 Gold ingots and 10 Iron ingots to Diamond 
    public void addRecipe(){
        NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound();
        NBTTagList list = new NBTTagList();
        list.appendTag(new ItemStack(Items.DIAMOND).writeToNBT(new NBTTagCompound()));
        list.appendTag(new ItemStack(Items.GOLD_INGOT, 2).writeToNBT(new NBTTagCompound()));
        list.appendTag(new ItemStack(Items.IRON_INGOT, 10).writeToNBT(new NBTTagCompound()));
        tag.setTag("IMC_AddRecipe", list);
        tag.setInteger("energy", 2000);
        FMLInterModComms.sendMessage("quarryplus", "IMC_AddRecipe", tag);
    //Remove Diamond recipe
    public void removeRecipe(){
        NBTTagCompound tag = new NBTTagCompound();
        new ItemStack(Items.DIAMOND).writeToNBT(tag);
        FMLInterModComms.sendMessage("quarryplus", "IMC_RemoveRecipe", tag);


Place this block. It faces the block you clicked.

Use wrench or stick to rotate this block and face the block you want to break.

Send RS signal to break.

The drop will be inserted to near inventory or dropped.


This machine can be enchanted with:

  • Fortune to dig blocks with Fortune
  • Silktouch to dig blocks with Silktouch


  • BreakerPlus can break even bedrock and get drop if Silktouch is enchanted. But you can’t break any block on y=0.


Place the machine. It will face you.

Use wrench or stick to change to rotate and make the machine face the direction you want to “click” or place something.

Right click to open GUI and move items and blocks.

Send RS signal.


  • This machine use items following the order as below picture shows. If using item is not accepted (returned value != EnumActionResult.SUCCESS) , it uses next item. Even empty stack will be used as air block and try to open GUI.
  • This block is not enchantable.


Move enchantment to this item. You can move either Fortune or Silk Touch.

Right click the block you want to exclude or include.

Then, you find the tooltip shows the register name and meta of the block you clicked.

Right click the block once more and meta info is disappeared. It means quarry excludes or includes blocks with any meta. (In case of stone, only stone will be added to the list if meta is shown. Stone, granite, diorite and andesite will be added if meta isn’t shown)

Sneak and right click the block to clear data of the item.

Click QuarryPlus to put the data. Enchantment of the item decides which list (fortune or silk touch) to add the data.

Make sure the tooltip shows only the name of enchantment. (The item has no block data.)

Right click QuarryPlus or MiningWellPlus to open GUI.

Click Exclude or Include to change how quarry use this list. Exclude mode treats the list as black list. Include mode treats as white list.

Click Delete to remove the entry from the list.

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