Antique Atlas Mod – 1.18.2, 1.16.5 – Fancy Interactive Map

Author: EvgenBro
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Antique Atlas Mod (1.18.2, 1.16.5) adds item Antique Atlas to Minecraft. “Antique Atlas” can be crafted to create a map screen.

How to use:

You can navigate the map via click & drag, zoom via the scroll wheel. Additionally, on-screen buttons let you add/remove/hide markers, export the map to an image file. There is now a minimap that is enabled by default if you put an Atlas into the off-hand slot. To disable it, go into Mod Settings for “AntiqueAtlasOverlay”. The map is generated around the player by selecting a single biome to represent each chunk of 16×16 blocks. Custom biomes added by other mods will be automatically assigned to a default texture set based on their types as registered in Forge BiomeDictionary, but you can add your own texture packs with custom textures. When you export the image file, it will be in PNG format and contain a map of the dimension the player is currently in.


Marker with a label

Exported tiny map with a village

Zoomed in, note the scale bar

Exported map image:

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod.

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