Auditory Mod – 1.19.2, 1.19 – Change the Original Sound of Minecraft

Author: Kompot
auditory mod 1 19 2 1 19 change the original sound of minecraft

Auditory Mod (1.19.2, 1.19) improves block sounds and item sounds and many other things. Auditory Mod (1.19.2, 1.19) is a mod that transforms older blocks into more modern sounding sound groups and gives unique sounds to some blocks that don’t normally have them.


  • Adds a hotkey to reload the sound engine (Off by default but can be rebound in controls).
  • Teleporting with an Ender Pearl.
  • Dropping an item.
  • Using a bow.
  • Attaching or detaching a lead from any mob.
  • Eating Cake.
  • All Overworld Stone Ores.
  • Any Obsidian related block, with built-in compatibility for my other mod Lotta Blocks.
  • All Terracotta Blocks.
  • Overworld Stone variants, such as Granite, Diorite, and Andesite.
  • Leaf and Plant Blocks.
  • Shulker Boxes.
  • Cobwebs.
  • Iron and Gold Related Blocks.
  • Bricks and Stone Bricks.
  • Any small items, such as Flower Pots, End Rods, Torches, etc.
  • Spawner Blocks.
  • Placing a Boat or Minecart.
  • Placing a plant into a Flower Pot.
  • Inserting or removing a Music Disc from a Jukebox.
  • Fixes unused Silverfish and Endermite step sounds.

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