Auditory Mod – 1.19 – Change the Original Sound of Minecraft

Author: LadyLeska
auditory mod 1 19 change the original sound of minecraft

Auditory Mod (1.19) improves block sounds and item sounds and many other features. Auditory Mod (1.19) is a block sound enhancement program that transforms many older blocks from the dull default sounds into more modern sounding sound groups. It also gives unique sounds to some blocks that don’t normally have them.


  • Adds a hotkey to reload the sound engine (Off by default but can be rebound in controls).
  • Teleporting with an Ender Pearl.
  • Dropping an item.
  • Using a bow.
  • Attaching or detaching a lead from any mob.
  • Eating Cake.
  • All Overworld Stone Ores.
  • Any Obsidian related block, with built-in compatibility for my other mod Lotta Blocks.
  • All Terracotta Blocks.
  • Overworld Stone variants, such as Granite, Diorite, and Andesite.
  • Leaf and Plant Blocks.
  • Shulker Boxes.
  • Cobwebs.
  • Iron and Gold Related Blocks.
  • Bricks and Stone Bricks.
  • Any small items, such as Flower Pots, End Rods, Torches, etc.
  • Spawner Blocks.
  • Placing a Boat or Minecart.
  • Placing a plant into a Flower Pot.
  • Inserting or removing a Music Disc from a Jukebox.
  • Fixes unused Silverfish and Endermite step sounds.

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