Bad Lightning No Cookie Mod – 1.16.5 – Distinguish between Lightning near players

Author: MrShadyMan
bad lightning no cookie mod 1 16 5 distinguish between lightning near players

Bad Lightning No Cookie Mod (1.16.5), integrates into the game an option that only the sound of lightning 128 blocks away can hear. This allows players to quickly tell what’s going on in their worlds, as opposed to the old sound system, where lightning sounds can all be heard worldwide. You might be wondering why this is necessary. Well, players can sometimes hear lightning from another end of the world when they participate in multiplayer lobby. This feature can cause confusion for players, as lightning can bring about dangerous mobs or entities. Bad Lightning No Cookie is client-sided so everything within a radius of 128 blocks will be completely blocked, clearing any confusion players may have.


  • Lightning outside of 128 Blocks-radius can no longer be heard.

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