Batty’s Coordinates Plus Mod – 1.19, 1.18.2 – On-screen Coordinates Display

Author: EvgenBro
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Batty’s Coordinates Plus Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) enhances coordinates and stopwatch. The F3 Debug screen displays the X,Y, and Z coordinates used to locate the player in the world. You can choose from a variety of display modes in this mod to show these information.

How to use:

Batty’s Coordinates:

  • In Mode 0 the Coordinates are hidden.
  • Mode 1 shows the X, Y, and Z coordinates, and it also indicates the direction that you are facing, in compass-direction terms.
  • Mode 2 adds an indication whether your X and Z coordinates will Increase or Decrease if you move in the direction you are facing.
  • Mode 3 also shows the Biome that you are currently in, displayed below the coordinates.
  • Mode 4 adds the Minecraft Day counter, shown as ‘dy’.
  • Mode 5 replaces the normal X, Y and Z coordinates with Chunk information:

This shows which Chunk you are in, and which Block within that Chunk

The display appears with the Chunk being denoted by a ‘c’ and the Block by a ‘b’, for example:


  • X = Block 9 within Chunk -10
  • Z = Block 0 within Chunk 2

Batty’s Stopwatch Timer:

A discreet timer tucked away in a corner of the screen, that you can hide, reappear, stop, start, and zero using key presses.

Can be used to time activities in-game. Useful for speed challenges.

Shows the time passed in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Color-coded so you know at a glance if it is stopped or running.

Info Panel:

This display will show either the FPS, the Block Light-level or the Moon phase. You can switch between these at the press of a button.

  • FPS Display: The Frames per Second that the game is running at is displayed in a corner of the screen.
  • Block Light-level: The block light (i.e. artificial light reaching this block) of the block the player is standing on is displayed
  • Moon phase: An icon, showing the current phase of the moon, is displayed.


All controls use keys from the NumPad (Be sure to have NumLock set on!)

NOTE 1 Coordinates can appear:

  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Right

NOTE 2 Timer can appear:

  • Top Left
  • Top Centre
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Left

NOTE 3 The Info Panel can appear:

  • Top Left
  • Top Centre
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Right

NOTE 4 All of the Control Keys are fully reconfigurable via the Options Menu in-game.

NOTE 5 Screen locations and display modes are remembered when you quit Minecraft.

Custom Colors:


The Mod Options settings are stored in a Forge configurations file in the /config folder. This file is called coordinatesplusmod.cfg.

You can customize the colors in which Batty’s Coordinates and Timer appear on the screen.

This done by creating a small file called in your .minecraft folder.

If this file is not present, the displays all appear in the default colors.

The following lines are permitted in the file:

  • Coords.shade = <true or false>
  • Coords.chars.Increase = <any character>
  • Coords.chars.Decrease = <any character>
  • Coords.colours.TitleText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.colours.PosCoordText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.colours.NegCoordText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.colours.PosChunkText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.colours.NegChunkText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.colours.CoordText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.colours.CompassText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.colours.BiomeText = <colour from the list>
  • Coords.copy.tpFormat = <true or false>
  • Timer.shade = <true or false>
  • Timer.colours.Stopped = <colour from the list>
  • Timer.colours.Running = <colour from the list>
  • Info.shade = <true or false>
  • Info.colours.FPS = <colour from the list>
  • Info.colours.Bright = <colour from the list>
  • Info.colours.Dim = <colour from the list>
  • Info.colours.Moon = <colour from the list>

NOTE 1: PosCoordText and NegCoordText can be used to distinguish positive and negative coordinates from each other by giving them different colors

NOTE 2: You can still use CoordText, and this will override anything you put in PosCoordText and NegCoordText

NOTE 3: You can choose the character that indicates whether your coordinates are increasing or decreasing in the X or Z directions. By default, these are ‘+’ and ‘-‘, but by use of Coords.chars.Increase or. Decrease you can substitute another character.

NOTE 4: You can choose the colors that the Chunk Coordinates display, positive and negative

NOTE 5: You can decide to copy the Coordinates to your clipboard in the standard format “x=999, y=99, z=999” or in /tp command format “999 99 999” by the Coords.copy.tpFormat parameter. Setting this to true will make it use the /tp command format.

NOTE 6: Info.colours.Dim chooses the color that light-levels of 7 and below will display, while Info.colours.Bright chooses the color that the light-level of 8 and above will display.

The full list of recognized colors:

(Note: that you must type all of the entries exactly as they appear here – capitals and lowercase – or they will be ignored and the default colors will be used by the game)


Shows basic Mode 1 Coordinate display, located at the Bottom Right screen position, and the Timer has been moved to the Bottom.

Shows basic Mode 1 Coordinate display, positioned at the Bottom Right corner.

Shows the Coordinate display at the Top Right position, and the Timer Top Centre.

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