Better Tridents Mod – 1.19.2 – Destroy Everything

Author: LadyLeska
better tridents mod 1 19 2 destroy everything

Better Tridents Mod (1.19.2) makes some minor, but important improvements to tridents. The loyalty enchantment is especially useful and there’s even an crafting recipe for tridents.

This mod alters the mechanics of a trident. An elder guardian will now drop a fragment of trident when he dies. A trident can be made with 3 Trident Fragments or 2 Prismarine Shards. You can also enchant the trident with loyalty to receive any loot from mobs along with the trident. Now the trident can do more damage in water.


Tridents with loyalty collect all drops for you

Your trident is damaged? Just repair it.

Three jags on a trident, three elder guardians.

Crafting a trident from trident fragments.


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