Bonfires Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Checkpoints from Dark Souls

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Bonfires Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) adds bonfires to Minecraft from Dark Souls games. Bonfires can be used as checkpoints and can be teleported to heal players who haven’t played Souls.

These bonfires can then be named and created in this mod. They can then be used to travel to bonfires in any dimension, even those with mod dimensions. A bonfire can also be used to set your spawn point like a bed.

You can also get the Estus Flask which is basically a multi-use healing potion that is restored by lighting a bonfire.

The Coiled Sword is an element of bonfires and can be used to set mobs on flame with its sword.

You can also use 2 items to return to your spawn points: the Homeward Bone Fragment and the Coiled Sword Fragment.


Lit Bonfire

Overworld bonfires

Nether bonfires

Creating a bonfire

Getting Started:

  • You can get started with the mod without the need of looking at anything else just get killed by a mob to unlock the first advancement, which will guide you to the everything else in the mod and unlocking recipes for the recipe book.

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod.

You can see all these recipes inside the recipe book.

To create a bonfire you need 2 items. A Pile of Bone and Ash and a Coiled Sword.

The Pile of Bone and Ash can be crafted like so, you can leave the top row empty and use the bottom row instead:

The items in the top are homeward bones. These are used to return to your spawn point but are consumed on use. Your spawn point is stored per dimension.

The items in the bottom are Piles of Ash which have a chance to drop from mobs when burnt to death.

Homeward Bones are crafted like so, this recipe is shapeless:

The Coiled Sword can be crafted like so:

Once you have both place the Pile of Bone and Ash on the ground and then right click it with the Coiled Sword. This will place the coiled sword on the pile creating a bonfire. Now to light the bonfire you simply right click the bonfire which will then allow you to name the bonfire. When naming the bonfire there is also the option to set the bonfire as private which will hide the bonfire from other players so they can’t travel to it but can travel from it.

However, since bonfires are like teleporters they are only really useful if you make 2 of them.

If you destroy a bonfire it will drop a Coiled Sword Fragment which acts just like the Homeward Bone but is not consumed. It can also be used to create a Coiled Sword for less materials, this recipe is shapeless.

The Estus Flask when crafted has 3 uses which can be increased using Estus Shards. To reinforce the Estus Flask simply right click while holding an Estus Shard with the Estus Flask in your inventory. Drinking the Estus Flask will heal 3 hearts.

The Estus Flask is crafted like so, this recipe is shapeless:

And Estus Shards are crafted like so, this recipe is shapeless:

Lastly Ash Blocks can be crafted which act exactly like sand, this recipe is actually also shapeless but there’s no way to tell that!

And of course a block will create 9 Piles of Ash, this recipe is shapeless


There are currently 2 commands added by Bonfires both of which are admin commands

/bonfires [parameter]

This command is used to display the bonfires in the world based on the filters given to it.

Bonfires are displayed in the chat with the name, UUID, owner and position

The filters include:

  • all – this filter takes no parameters, and will display every bonfire in the world. ex. /bonfires all
  • dim – this filter requires the dimension ID as a parameter and will display every bonfire in the given dimension. ex. /bonfires dim 0
  • name – this filter requires the name as a parameter and will display every bonfire that contains the given name in its name. ex. /bonfires name bonfire
  • owner – this filter requires the owner as a parameter and will display every bonfire created by the given owner. ex. /bonfires owner Wehavecookies56
  • radius – this filter requires the block radius as a parameter and will display every bonfire within the given radius of blocks. ex. /bonfires radius 10


This command will teleport the user of the command to the bonfire with the given UUID

The UUID of a bonfire can be found either using the /bonfires command or by hovering over the name of the bonfire in the travel menu in the bonfire GUI

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