Candy World Mod 1.12.2 – Chocolate Forest

Author: MrShadyMan
candy world mod 1 12 2 chocolate forest

Candy World Mod 1.12.2 includes two biomes, different food items through world generation, mobs and crafting recipes for Minecraft.


Cotton Candy Plains

  • This biome consists almost entirely of cotton candy, including cotton candy grass, cotton candy plants, cotton candy trees and even cotton candy sheep.
  • The plants in this biome drop cotton candy when harvested, but they can also be acquired as a placeable block with shears.
  • Candy cotton sheep have a thick cotton candy fur, which can be harvested with a stick. They will regrow their fur by eating the grass in the Cotton Candy Plains, but it can also be regrown simply by applying bone meal to the sheep. They can be bred with sugar.

Chocolate Forest

  • The chocolate forest has, as its name suggests, a lot of chocolate. Easter chickens can be found here.
  • The chickens in the chocolate forest have the ability to produce chocolate eggs. Feeding the chickens chocolate will accelerate this process. They can be bred with wafer sticks, what happens to be what the bark of the trees in the chocolate forest is made of.

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