Chocapic13 Shaders Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Special Kind of Shader

Author: Kompot
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Chocapic13 Shaders Mod (1.19.2, 1.8.2) is a mod which dramatically improves Minecraft’s graphics. Its main purpose is to add dynamic shading (shaders in English) to the Minecraft graphics. This creates a pleasant effect of wind on the leaves and real sunlight. There are many shades, each with a different resource-intensive version.


  • Dynamic Time of Day cycle.
  • Physically plausible High Dynamic Range lighting system.
  • Shadows with variable penumbra size.
  • Variable density volumetric fog with shadows.
  • Volumetric clouds.
  • Water shader with water fog, reflections, caustics and refractions.
  • Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI).
  • High quality Temporal Anti-aliasing and upscaling (TAA / TAAU).
  • Custom Nether and End with biome support.
  • Bloom.
  • Depth of Field.
  • Contrast-adaptative sharpening filter.
  • Wavy plants.
  • … and much more.


Amazing nights!

Real-time shadows,lens effects,volumetric lightning and reflections!

Surfaces become wet and reflective when raining!

About the different versions:

Optifine Settings:

  • Old Lighting : OFF or DEFAULT!
  • Vignette : Fast
  • Clear water : Off for Lite/Low/Medium, On for High/Ultra/Extreme
  • Smooth Lighting Level : 55-75% for Lite/Low/Medium/High, 0-20% for Ultra/Extreme
  • Clouds : Default or OFF

About performance and sytem requirements:

This mod is very demanding and if you can’t run default minecraft correctly, don’t try to install this mod.
In my case with a GTX 670 i get around 50-60 fps with the extreme version, 75-80 with ultra,90-95 with high, 100-110 with medium and above 150 with low (cpu limited here) with a 16 chunks render distance. This can change a lot depending on the situation.

Advanced tips:

  • Into the shaderpack folders there are .fsh and .vsh files. You can open them with any text editor, and there are different constant that you can change by yourself.
  • You can increase the render resolution into the shaderpack settings. x1.42… correspond to SSAA x2, x2.0 to SSAA x4. However it kills the framerate.
  • Shadow render resolution can be increased too here.

Chocapic13′ High Performance Shaders Version:

The goal of this shaderpack is to have the core features of a shaderpack while maintaining extremely high framerates. For example on the Toaster Preset at 8 render distance, a RX 480 is completely CPU-limited at around 300-400fps with a Ryzen 7, it can also run at around 50-60fps on an integrated Intel HD620. It features: Shadows, Dynamic Time of Day, Custom sky gradient, Sun/moon glow, Customized nether and end.


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