CoFH Core – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Library for TeamCoFH’s Mods

Author: Kompot
cofh core 1 19 2 1 18 2 library for teamcofh s mods

CoFH core (1.19.2, 1.18.2) mod provides common functionality to all mods in Team CoFH. To allow the mods run, it must be installed.

Core provides common functionality for all mods. It also offers a number of useful commands, configurable game tweaks and a friend list. It notifies players about any updates to the CoFH Mods.


CoFH Core Tweaks

CoFH Core adds several optional tweaks to the game.

Named mob death messages

When a mob with a custom name dies, a death message is shown in the chat as if it were a player. This is enabled by default.

Color blind textures

If color blind textures are enabled, features that rely on color use different textures for people with color blindness.

Disabling particles

A configuration option is provided to completely disable all particles, even those that still appear when the ‘Particles’ setting is set to ‘Minimal’. This option is provided to increase performance on starch-based platforms.

Friend List

The friend list is a feature that allows players to mark other players as their friends. This can be used by blocks or items that are secured with a signalum security lock.

A player can manage their friend list using the

/cofh friend


While the command allows players to quickly add and remove other players, a friend list can also be managed in a GUI by using

/cofh friend gui

. This GUI consists of a text box with buttons to add or remove a player, a list of online players and the friend list itself. Player names can be chosen from the lists, or typed manually in the text box.


When a block or item that is secured with a signalum security lock is in ‘Restricted’ mode, the owner and anyone in their friend list can access it.


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