ControlPack Mod 1.7.10

Author: EvgenBro
controlpack minecraft mod

ControlPack Mod 1.7.10 adds a variety of options to Minecraft to allow a more enjoyable and user-friendly experience. It features many options such as “auto-tool”, “auto-block”, and more! It also features many key bindings that perform actions.


  • Auto Tool Selection
  • Auto Sword Selection
  • Auto Block Selection
  • Hold to Attack
  • Stack Preservation
  • Place Torch
  • Eat Food
  • Tap to Sprint
  • Disable Void Fog
  • Automatic Window Restoration
  • Better 3rd Person View w/ Camera Control
  • Auto Run
  • Toggle Sneak
  • Toggle Jump
  • Swap Left
  • Swap Right
  • Toggle Mining
  • Toggle Use Item
  • Run Distance
  • Look Behind
  • Smart Furnace Drops
  • Render Less Rain
  • Toggle Full Brightness
  • Individual SFX Volume Control
  • Coordinates Overlay
  • Waypoints
  • Say your location
  • Auto Corpse Waypoint
  • Tool Uses Counter
  • Arrows Remaining Counter


controlpack mod image 1
controlpack mod image 2
controlpack mod image 3

How to install:

For Minecraft 1.7.10

  • Download and install LiteLoader
  • Download the mod
  • Drop the ControlPack ‘.litemod’ file into your ‘.minecraft/mods/’ folder.
  • Enjoy!

For 1.6.2 and below

  • Download and install Modloader.
  • Delete META-INF file.
  • Download ControlPack Mod.
  • Copy the entire contents of the ‘Classes’ folder in the ControlPack zip file into the jar by dragging them into it.
  • Close “Minecraft.jar” and run minecraft!

If Minecraft just gets a ‘black screen’ after logging in, you probably did something wrong Ÿ™‚ Or there’s a problem with the version of Minecraft and the version of ModLoader and this mod because ModLoader and/or Minecraft have updated their version after the version of this mod you attempted to install. Make sure you have the latest of everything.

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