Custom Window Title Mod 1.18, 1.17.1 – Modify Your Window Title

Author: EvgenBro
custom window title mod 1 18 1 17 1 modify your window title

Custom Window Title Mod 1.18 and 1.17.1 are client-side mods that allow you to modify the title of your windows, including special tokens. This mod works with both Fabric mod loadsers. The same mod file will work for both. Follow the instructions for installing either mod loader, then download the mod file that corresponds to your Minecraft version and place it in the minecraft/mods directory.


Run the game once to create the configuration file. By default, the window title will be set to Minecraft <version>. Unlike in vanilla 1.15.2 onwards, the title will not change when you enter a world/server.

To change the title, navigate to the .minecraft/config folder, and open customwindowtitle-client.toml in a text editor. You will see the following line:

title = “Minecraft {mcversion}”

Change only text inside the quotes. You can use the following special tokens:

  • {mcversion} – current Minecraft version
  • {modversion:modid} – version of installed mod with the identifier modid

If any of the tokens aren’t working, search the game log for CustomWindowTitle and you should see the reason.


These screenshots were taken using the following example configuration:


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