Dash Mod – 1.18.2, 1.17.1 – Special Movement, Dashing

Author: MrShadyMan
dash mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 special movement dashing

Dash Mod (1.17.1, 1.18.2) offers a simple but satisfying additional feature that many players have been looking for over the years. This mod gives players the ability to “dash”, making it one of the most popular. First, you will need a Dashing Enchantment Book. This book is the same as Frostwalker or Mending Books. The enchantment books can be obtained from Chest Loot or Fishing, Raid, Trading, or even trading with other villagers. This mod is great for those who like a more traditional play style but want a little extra in their adventures.


  • Press R to start Dashing.
  • Dashing Enchantment Book can be obtained from Loots, Fishing, Raids.


dash mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 image 1
dash mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 image 2

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