Dave’s Potioneering Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Improved Potions

Author: EvgenBro
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Dave’s Potioneering mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) is a mod that changes how potions and alchemy work. It aims to make potions brewing and using them more enjoyable. We make improvements to the inventory management and brewing system to improve the efficiency of creating potions and make them easier to use. This mod is a significant improvement in the use of potions and brewing in Minecraft. It also provides a vanilla+ base that can be used with other potion-related mods.


  • Potions now stack.
  • Splash potions throw much further.
  • More efficient brewing.
  • Coated weapons.
  • Milk bottles.
  • New potion-based weapon.
  • Support for other mods’ potions.


Potioneer Gauntlet

  • A weapon that holds six splash potions in a set order. This weapon is acquired by upgrading the Netherite Gauntlet.
  • When attacking with the Gauntlet, the set potion will inflict its effect upon the enemy while also dealing melee damage, then it will automatically load up the next potion after x seconds.
  • The order they are placed in the UI is the order they will load.
  • The use of potions can be turned on and off with SHIFT+RMB
  • Potions are not expended but go on cooldown after use. This cooldown lasts x seconds.
  • Potions are placed into the Gauntlet using the Potion Injector
  • Infinite durability, limited ‘fuel’ (resupplied in the Potion Injector using Blaze Powder)
  • Shift+RMB = ignites or extinguishes the internal blaze. (toggles potion usage)
  • Shift+Scroll wheel up/down = cycles through one of six potion injected into the gauntlet
  • Shift+Middle Mouse Button = customize Gauntlet HUD
  • 9 Damage
  • 1.2 Attack Speed
  • Holds 6 Potions
  • Can use Potions up to 32 times before needing to be refueled
  • Holds up to 16 Blaze Powder (fuel)
  • 30s Ability Cooldown

Reinforced Cauldron

  • A new cauldron that has some mechanical differences/benefits over the Vanilla one.
  • Water is not depleted when filling empty bottles.
  • Can be filled with potions, and will have colored liquid that reflects the potion placed inside.
  • Can be filled with Milk.
  • If filled with two different Potions, an explosion is caused.
  • Unlocks Coating

Coating Process

This card represents the Coating Process as a whole along with all its steps.

Coating Functionality

  • This card sets to explain the functionality behind coated items/weapons/tools.
  • A coated weapon can only contain one potion’s effects.
  • The coated weapon will apply the effect onto the target when the attack lands. (This does not go through shields)
  • The coat lasts as long as the duration of its potion. The duration time is not deducted unless the coated weapon is drawn. This means that the coat could potentially last forever, assuming the weapon is not drawn.
  • The applied effect (the one the victim feels) is equivalent to its Tipped Arrow counterpart.
  • Coated arrows become Tipped Arrows (up to 24 with one coat)
  • For potions that apply their effects instantly rather than a duration such as Harming or Healing, they have a set 24 charges which they expend on each successful attack.
  • To remove a coat off of a weapon or the effect on a tipped arrow, drop the weapon in a Gilded Cauldron filled with Milk.

Rudimentary Gauntlet & Netherite Gauntlet

  • Rudimentary Gauntlet – this is a simple melee weapon made from Iron and Gold. (6 Damage, 1.2 Attack Speed)
  • Netherite Gauntlet – this is acquired by upgrading the Rudimentary Gauntlet in the Smithing Table by combining it with a Netherite Ingot. (9 damage, 1.2 Attack Speed)
  • Both of these gauntlets have no special properties or attributes. They are simply melee weapons. The Netherite Gauntlet can be upgraded to become the Potioneer Gauntlet.

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