Distinguished Potions Mod – 1.19.2 – Trouble Telling Your Potions Apart?

Author: EvgenBro
distinguished potions mod 1 19 2 trouble telling your potions apart

Distinguished Potions Mod (1.19.2) includes a number of useful visual features that will help you distinguish potions from one another. You no longer have to look at every potion in your large chest looking for the right one. Now you can easily see all of them at once! Are you having trouble identifying the potions? It’s time to help you.


  • The Enchantment Glint is removed from potions, so you can properly see the color of the liquid inside of the bottle.
  • The Cork On Potion Bottles is colored differently on strong and long potions. The color is similar to glowstone and redstone, respectively, since those are the ingredients that make those strong and long potions.
  • Potions show a Small Bar containing up to four dots at the bottom (similar to the durability bar of items) to indicate the amount of total effect amplifiers on them. The small dots stack on top of each other in different layers to support numbers higher than four.
  • The names of enhanced potions contain the type of potion, so e.g. a speed potion which gives speed for eight minutes is now called “Long Potion of Speed” instead of simply “Potion of Speed”.
  • Simply potions, such as awkward, mundane and thick have a Unique Effect Color, so they don’t look like water bottles.
  • All those features also apply to Tipped Arrows, to help you distinguish those.


Already much easier to distinguish, right?

Names of enhanced potions are prefixed

Also applies to tipped arrows

No confusing awkward potions with water bottles anymore

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