Enderling Invaders Mod – 1.16.5 – Enderlings from Minecraft Dungeons

Author: LadyLeska
enderling invaders mod 1 16 5 enderlings from minecraft dungeons

Enderling Invaders Mod 1.16.5 adds Enderlings, Endersent and Minecraft Dungeons to Minecraft. Also some of my Enderlings. The Enderlings will spice up your Minecraft world by dropping new items and offering new advancements.



  • Lore: Stories are passed down by the Endermen telling of strange creatures from another land that are described similar to the Zombies of the Overworld emerging into the End through strange rifts, it is widely accepted that Watchlings are the descendants of those Zombies.
  • Description: Yuck! Look at all those eyes! The Watchling is best known for them! We may find this trait hilariously revolting, but other Watchlings seem to find more eyes more attractive.
  • Behaviour: An unprepared player may have a bit of trouble with the Watchling, as Watchlings are substantially stronger than your average Zombie! Watchlings also put their eyes to good use, and will teleport over to you as soon as they spot you, which will probably be before you spot them!


  • Lore: The stories that tell of Zombies entering the end also describe Skeletons! The Blastlings may have a visible lack of boneyness, but we’re certain that they are indeed descendants of those Skeletons.
  • Description: Never let a Blastling shake your hand, it may seem impolite, but Blastlings hands secrete strange Corrosive Goo that, well, it’s called corrosive for a reason.
  • Behaviour: Blastlings can be very dangerous en masse! They shoot out corrosive projectiles that will not only burn away at the ground, but any unsuspecting players too!


  • Lore: The stories that tell of Zombies and Skeletons entering the end also describe Spiders! I think I’m seeing a pattern here. Do we even need to say why the Snarelings are descendants of those Spiders?
  • Description: Did you really expect a cross between an Enderman and a Spider to look nice? The Snarelings are a freak of nature, but if one asks you to come for tea, you should, they make good tea.
  • Behaviour: Snarelings seem quite timid at first, retreating as fast as they can, but once they’re far enough away from you, they shoot a sticky goo at you, and if you get hit, you’re in a very sticky situation.


  • Lore: The stories that tell blah blah blah Creepers! Lurelings are descendants of Creepers, we get it.
  • Description: Lurelings and very interesting, you can’t look away, no, really, you can’t look away, the reason being that they produce an intriguing substance called Hypno Juice, which basically just functions the way Glow Squids were supposed to!
  • Behaviour: Lurelings are distractions, that’s their whole thing, so they will often teleport away from danger making it pretty hard to kill them, but don’t give up, as doing so will mean certain doom.


  • Lore: Records have been unearthed from the few remaining End Cities talking about creatures similar to the Pigs that the Zombies described entering the End through a strange portal, We think that those creatures might have been Piglins! And it’s pretty obvious that the Thumplings are the descendants of those Piglins!
  • Description: Thumplings are cute, but don’t give one a hug, these guys like their personal space and will warn you if you’re getting a bit too close, to be fair, it’s quite nice that they give you a heads up knowing their Piglin ancestry.
  • Behaviour: Thumplings are dangerous when angered, they will charge at their target at high speeds destroying any blocks in their way, it is quite easy to avoid a charging Thumpling, but it’s always best to keep an eye on them because they deal a lot of damage.

The Endersent:

  • Lore: There used to be powerful guards in the End called the Endersentinals, but for some reason they have got into the Overworld, and they just aren’t themselves, they are the Endersent.
  • Description: The Endersent is a strange, hulking beast, if you attempt to fight one and aren’t prepared, then the last thing you see will be the strange Eye of Ender on its chest, staring into your soul.
  • Behaviour: A group of Enderlings called an Enderling Patrol will occasionally spawn at night, led by an Endersent, this group of mobs will be sure to give you a hard time. The Endersent itself is reasonably easy to defeat, it’s quite slow but can deal a lot of damage, its most dangerous attack is occasionally teleporting to it’s target, which often ends the target’s life.


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