Enemy Expansion Mod – 1.18.2 – Hostile Forces

Author: LadyLeska
enemy expansion mod 1 18 2 hostile forces

Enemy Expansion MOD (1.18.2) aims to make combat encounters more interesting and varied in Minecraft by adding several mobs.


  • Sprinter: An athletic undead who moves at 1.6x the regular speed of a normal zombie. Taking damage will slow him down, giving you time to deliver a combo attack or reorient yourself.
  • Slugger: A bodybuilding undead with 2.5x the strength of a regular zombie. Beyond sheer muscle, hurting this guy will give him a short adrenaline boost, allowing him to charge at you. In this state, parry him with a shield, or strafe away from him.
  • Equestrian: A fast but imprecise undead, this zombie’s horse will lose all control upon taking damage and go into a blind frenzy. Be careful when dealing with this one.
  • Frigid: A cold biome-exclusive undead, this poor zombie’s legs were frozen off, leaving it to crawl around everywhere it goes. Unfortunately for you, this means it can now fit through 1-block gaps.
  • Meatman: Overtaken by a parasite, this zombie drops its head as a new monster when killed.
  • Meature: The crawling mutant head of a Meatman, the Meature is very much like a spider that’ll hop to chew your flesh off. If no players are about, it’ll instead target other undead. It can be neutralised and tamed when shown and fed Rotten Flesh.
  • The Senior: The bulkiest zombie of them all, the Senior retains it’s Slugger trait of gaining a speed boost upon taking damage, though it can’t utilise this very well with how heavy it is. Be forewarned, though, this guy only grows stronger upon taking damage, too, and should be dealt with at a distance, in very good armour, or with supreme caution.
  • Tarantula: A stronger Spider, the Tarantula will boost towards you upon taking damage, much like a Slugger.
  • Scorpion: With a preference for warmer climates, the Scorpion turns invisible upon taking damage. Keep track of it’s glowing eyes, or face the consequences.


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