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Author: LadyLeska
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The Enhanced Visuals Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.12) makes Minecraft visually more appealing during certain events, such as when you are under a potion or looking at an Enderman.

The visual aspects of Minecraft have become very bland. You get knocked back by a mob whenever you are hit. This does not add any atmosphere to the game. Is it not also true that Endermen should look like Slender Man? How is it possible that your screen does not turn to static when you look at them?

This mod will fix all those issues. The Enhanced Visuals Mod adds visual effects based upon what’s happening to your player. This mod helps to enhance the atmosphere. Your screen will turn red when you have very low health. This signals that you are about being killed. Another example is when you are subject to poison or other potion effects. Your screen will turn a swampy-green color if you are struck by poison.



Nice Slendy….


Blood Splatter on enemy contact and when you attack mobs/players/animals with weapons:

Water splashes:

Burn marks:

Sand and Snow Splats


Potion Splashing(OMG SO PRETTY)

Low health overlay:

Burn overlay when in lava (in survival, works best with diamond armor):

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