Explosives Plus Mod

Author: FixEye
explosives plus minecraft mod

Explosives+ only had a massive update that includes performance improvements so that it doesnâ$™t lag your computer and a few other new things. Explosives Plus Mod adds such a variety of items that go boom! So many unique varieties of TNT and nukes! This adds so many items that you can lead to harm with like a extreme variety of nukes! My favourite part of this mod would be that the suicide vest!! Have you ever desired a terrorist army? Well you can! You’re able to set the suicide vest on anything in the match and I mean that which Cows Creepers, Minecarts xD One of the things this mod adds is a AC-130 which I havenâ$™t seen in any mods before! I would have to say that this is the best explosives mod on the market since it blows More Explosives so far away! To use it, just aim at one stage, right click, and then choose three other factors and right click on every one of them too. The route between points decides how the AC-130 flies and it will fly till it reaches the starting point again. The crimson light here marks the beginning along with the green lights mark the other three points. When from the AC-130, then I recommend you turn off clouds, and then press â$œZâ$ to change guns

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