Extra Buttons Mod – 1.19, 1.18.1 – Additional Button and Switch-Like Blocks

Author: FixEye
extra buttons mod 1 19 1 18 1 additional button and switch like blocks

Extra Buttons Mod (1.19; 1.18.1), is a small mod that adds additional buttons and related blocks to Minecraft. These blocks include panels-sized buttons and illuminated toggle buttons. The majority of the blocks are intended to make it easier to design stations on my server. Some are just for fun.

Blocks and Recipes:

Stone Panel Button: A larger, easier-to-hit version of the stone button.

Wood Panel Button: A larger, easier-to-hit version of the wood button. Also provides a larger target for arrows.

Capacitive Touch Block: A button with no mechanical action. Any part of the 6 surfaces can be ‘pressed’ to emit a temporary Redstone signal in all directions. An alternative to trapped chests as an easy to hit switch while moving quickly down the rail.

Illuminated Toggle Buttons: Buttons that act as toggle switches (hold their state until activated again). Comes in 16 colors and illuminate when active. The pre-1.7.2 version does not alter light levels, 1.7.2+ version does. Recipes pre-1.7.2 and 1.7.2+.

Player Detector Rail: A version of detector rail that only triggers when a player is in the cart.

Player Powered Rail: Combines powered rail and the Player Detector Rail into a single track. Holds empty carts stationary, and propels carts when a player gets into them, along with emitting a Redstone signal.

Delay Button: A higher-tech button that can be configured for 4 different delay values. Sneak+Right Click while empty-handed to cycle through they delay values.


  • This mod creates a standard Forge configuration file that will let you change block IDs in case of conflict.
  • If there are any blocks in this mod that you would rather not have, you can set its ID to “-1” in the configuration to disable it.

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