Feature NBT Deadlock Be Gone Mod – 1.18.2 – Targeting that one Bug

Author: FixEye
feature nbt deadlock be gone mod 1 18 2 targeting that one bug

The Feature NBT Override Bug Be Gone Mod (1.18.2), a technical Mod, focuses on fixing one the most important bugs in the game. This bug is simple: Every time a player places an NBT in the world during world generation the game will become deadlocked. The block would then be replaced by a BlockEntity. It can be any type, including Spawners and Chests, Beds and Signs. While this bug is not known by the majority of players, it is annoying and difficult to fix from a technical perspective. Feature NBT Deadlock be Gone has made this a much more manageable inconvenience. This Mod is NBT Deadlock’s natural enemy and would do anything to stop this bug ever resurfacing.


  • One of the oldest bugs of Minecraft has been fixed.

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