Fishing Made Better Mod – 1.12.2 – New Realistic Fishing Mechanisms

Author: LadyLeska
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Fishing Made Better Mod (1.12.2) adds realistic fishing methods and a complete fishing minigame.

To complete the fishing minigame, you need to balance your line’s tension and reel in the fish. If the fish gets too far away or takes too long to catch you could lose it. You can also alter the appearance of the minigame depending on where you fish, like your biome, dimension and Y-level as well as the liquid you’re fishing in.

Fish behavior and habitat are two other mechanics. Fish behavior is complex, and each fish has its own unique stats. Fish require certain habitats in order to survive and be caught. This includes living only in water, lava, Void, biomes, and being active only under certain conditions like light, weather, or depth.

Populations are now based on more realistic methods. Each chunk has a finite number of fish. If you overfish one area, it can lead to their extermination. If they are given enough food (from the bait box), fish can reproduce in a single chunk.

You can place a live fish in a water bucket to transfer it to other locations or set up fish hatcheries to breed specific fish species (Ex. for good food, a specific type of fish, etc.).

Each fish has its own unique characteristics. These include how long they stay on the hook, what they can scale and what they will produce, what they can be cut up and what they can be sliced to, and so forth.

All the stats and types of fish are configurable. Any modded fish can be defined in the config files. They will then be found in-game according to the settings that you have given them. If you have the associated mod installed, the default configurations for all vanilla fish and all Aquaculture fish configs are set up. They will automatically generate upon your first load of FMB.

This mod aims to improve vanilla fishing by making it more complex and rewarding, as well as requiring more research into the fishing ecosystem. It can be used with other fish mods, allowing you to load custom configurations for different mods.


Fishing Mechanics:

  • Like in vanilla, you cast your rod out and wait for a fish to bite. Depending on the environment and fish populations in the area, it can more or less time for a fish to bite at your hook. You may also simply not be able to fish in an area if it is too shallow or there are no fish currently feeding in the area.
  • Unlike vanilla, once a fish bites your hook the fishing minigame starts. You will see a HUD at the top of your screen, with a green bar representing the balance of your line’s tension, and a small fish representing the fish you are trying to catch moving around and changing the tension. You will need to balance the tension bar over the fish (Default keys: Left and Right arrow) in order to reel in the fish, otherwise the fish can escape. The time it takes to reel in the fish, how fast the fish escapes, and how deep the fish is varies based on each type of fish you can catch. Baiting your hook will also help with catching fish based on what types of bait those fish prefer.
  • The different types of attachments you can put on your rod change what types of liquids you can fish in, modifiers for making catching fish easier/faster, and change stats about fish you catch or chances of getting additional treasure.


  • Every time a new chunk is generated, each chunk gets set to a population based on the rarity of the fish, the biomes the fish prefers, the dimension, etc. If you have a Fish Tracker, you can right clicking on the liquid in the chunk and get information of fish living there based on how good the tracker is. This will give you an estimate of the populations of each fish in the chunk, but be warned that you can overfish and no longer be able to catch specific types of fish in that chunk. If a fish population is low, you can feed it using the Bait Box and they will being reproducing.


Legacy Minigame

Fishing in Water at a Beach

Fishing in Lava in the Underground

Fishing in the Lava in the Nether

Fishing in the Void in the End

Example Aquaculture fish

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