Fish’s Undead Rising Mod – 1.16.5, 1.12.2 – Fill Your World with All Kinds of Mobs

Author: Kompot
fishs undead rising mod 1 16 5 1 12 2 fill your world with all kinds of mobs

Fish’s Undead Rising Mod (1.1.5, 1.12.2), aims to add dangerous mobs to the vanilla game. These mobs will be killed to earn special loots that can be used to create useful items.


Items Introduction:

Fish_s Undead Rising mod for minecraft 23

Fish_s Undead Rising mod for minecraft 24


Foglet gazing: This is the scene you’ll see when you venture into the swampland at night

Wendigo: Wendigo thrives in the coniferous forest. If you find a lot of animal carcass all around, then you might encounter one, RUN!

Ptera: Ptera lives deep in the primitive lush jungle. It’ll hover on its poor victim, waiting for the best chance to strike.

Salamander: These salamanders will barrage everything they’ve come across, especially those naive adventures.

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