Halogen Mod – 1.16.5 – Forge port of Sodium, FPS Boost

Author: Kompot
halogen mod 1 16 5 forge port of sodium fps boost

Halogen Mod (1.16.5), a mod that improves frame rates and reduces micro-stutter, is available. Most commonly in parity to the Fabric Version of SodiumThis mod is identical to the original, but contains some additional features/patches that can be used with the Forge ecosystem. This mod does not work with Optifine , Performant, Immersive Portals. This mod can be used on both the client and server or only the client. This fork also includes Lithium Mod, and Phosphor Mod.

Vsync can be disabled and your Max FPS increased under Video Options. Vanilla’s visuals are matched as closely as possible by the default settings. To maximize performance without sacrificing visual parity, you can adjust the settings.


The below settings should definitely be set if you want to maximize FPS:

  • General:
    • Render Distance: as low as you want
    • Use VSync: Disabled
    • Max Framerate: Unlimited
  • Advanced:
    • Translucency Sorting: Disabled
    • Use Leaves Culling: Enabled


halogen mod 1 16 5 image 1
halogen mod 1 16 5 image 2
halogen mod 1 16 5 image 3
halogen mod 1 16 5 image 4
halogen mod 1 16 5 image 5
halogen mod 1 16 5 image 6

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