Ice and Fire Mod – 1.16.5, 1.12.2 – Dragons in a Whole New Light

Author: MrShadyMan
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The Ice and Fire Mod (1.16.5 and 1.12.2) will give you an authentic dragon experience. There are two types of Dragons currently: Fire and Ice. Fire Dragons are able to breathe fire and can roam the majority of the world’s habitable areas, while Ice Dragons live in the coldest parts of the earth and freeze their prey. Both types of dragons can spawn naturally as adults.

Ice and Fire Mod is designed to give you a new experience with dragons. Role players and modpack makers have access to the most basic and advanced requirements of a dragon hunter or tamer. These include:

  • Dragon skeletons – these can be found in desert biomes and can be used to collect a few bones
  • Dragon roosts and caverns – where you can fight dragons and find grand treasures
  • Dragon eggs – which can be found in dragon caves
  • Dragon taming and riding – mount up your tamed dragons and even armour them
  • Dragon equipment – craft tools and weapons from dragon bones and armours from dragon scales
  • Bestiary – for collecting and learning information with regards to dragons



Fire Dragon burning

Baby Ice Dragon taking a ride

Dragon versus player

Fire Dragon territory

Ice Dragon Hunting

Fire Dragon’s Glacier

Subservience of the dragon

Young, but frightening

Snowy Village

Desolation left by the Ice Dragon

Silver armor

Fire Dragon takeoff

Fire Dragon exploring

Dragon scale armor

Ice Dragon in the night

Little Dragon’s Armor

The Lectern

Glacier Beauty

High in the sky

Rider of the dragon


Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod.

Crafting and using the bestiary:

Find a dragon roost and loot one of the chests for manuscripts.

Craft a bestiary using 3 manuscripts in the configuration below.

Then open the bestiary as if you were reading a book, and use the introduction section to learn how to improve it further.


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