Improvable Skills Mod 1.13.2, 1.12.2 – Make Minecraft More Like A RPG

Author: Kompot
improvable skills mod 1 13 2 1 12 2 make minecraft more like a rpg

Improvable Skill Mod 1.13.2, and 1.12.2 increase player’s abilities. They also grant useful abilities using one book of skill and your exp (and more). This is a complete rewrite of PlayerStats 1 and PlayerStats 2, by Zeitheron, xMrVizzy and uses new Hammer Core.


Table of skills: (black – normal, blue – needs scroll, red – not implemented)

XP Bank: This is technically not a skill, but none the less, it stores any amounts of XP you want!

Accelerated Furnace: This skill increases the melting speed.

Mining: This skill increases the speed of the mining pickaxe.

Digging: This skill increases the speed of the digging shovel.

Cutting: This skill increases the speed of the cutting axe.

Attack Speed: This skill increases the strike speed of any tool/weapon.

Leaper: This skill increases the height of the jumping player.

Soft Landing: This skill reduces the damage from the falling player.

Ladder King: This skill increases the speed, while climbing on ladders.

Strong Fist: This skill increases melee damage dealt to any entity.

PvP Protection: This skill decreases PvP-type damage taken.

Treasure Finder: This skill allows players to find precious resources, while mining.

Item Repairer: This skill slowly repairs items in both hands and worn armor.

Obsidian Skin: This skill reduces fire/lava damage taken.

Luck of The Sea: This skill lures fish to your fishing hook.

Extra Health: This skill boosts your max health up to +20 HP (10 hearts).

Fast Growth: This skill randomly applies bone meal to surrounding plants.

Alchemist: This skill boosts the speed of the brewing stand.

Dense Skin: This skill makes your skin tougher against enemies (adds extra armor points).

Treasure of the Sands: This skill allows to find treasures from sand.

Sharp Arrow: This skill increases ranged damage dealt to any entity.

Enchanter: This skill decreases the minimal level required to enchant an item.

Ender Manipulator: This skill reduces damage taken from ender pearl.

Experience Harvesting: This skill increases obtainable experience from mining, breeding animals, fishing and killing mobs.


This mod allows players to upgrade themselves using experience and Book of Skills

Increases the cutting speed of the axe.

Increases the melting speed of furnace. To have your furnace became faster, you must stand in a radius of 5 blocks from them.

Boosts the speed of the brewing stand, very good for those who do a lot of alchemy.

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod


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