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Author: EvgenBro
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Inventory Pets Mod (1.16.5 and 1.12.2), are animated living creatures that can be found in your inventory. They give you incredible special effects, drops and buffs as well as utilities and defenses in return for food and care. Some pets, like the Purplicous Cow are particularly handsome. This is the first release and it contains 32 unique pets that are mind-bendingly clever and creative. Each pet likes to eat a different food. You can keep a small amount of this food in your possession so they can find it. Nom! Nom! This is the initial release for CLIENT only.

Inventory pets have powerful and unique abilities that activate when they are placed in your inventory hotbar. These effects will expire if the pet is removed from your hotbar or if they are not fed. Bad owner! Most effects will continue to work in Creative Mode. However, the Pets won’t get hungry or need to be fed.

Two ways to acquire inventory pets are available:

  • All pets, except for Legendary, are craftable using vanilla Minecraft materials. Material requirements are higher for rarer and more powerful pets.
  • Pets can be found in four special places in the Overworld: Sea Caves, Cloud Dungeons, Treetops, and underground Dungeons.

Mod Pets:


  • Explodes [Right Click]
  • Immune to explosions
  • Food: Gunpowder
  • Recipe: O = Emerald Nuggets


  • Teleport [Right Click]
  • Auto-teleport when health is low (bugged!)
  • Food: Obsidian Nuggets
  • Recipe: O = Coal Nugget


  • Shoots Fireballs [Right Click]
  • Food: Blaze Powder
  • Recipe: O = Nether Quartz

Iron Golem

  • Temporary Shield [Right Click]
  • Food: Iron Ingots
  • Recipe: O = Iron Ingots
  • Notes: Shield lasts for 2 minutes

Magma Cube

  • Fire resistance
  • Walk on Lava
  • Food: Nether Quartz
  • Recipe: O = Redstone, F = Gold Nuggets (bug!)

Snow Golem

  • Knockback
  • Gives you Snowballs
  • Food: Pumpkins
  • Recipe: O = Quartz Ore


  • Jump boost
  • Wall climb
  • Gives you String
  • Food: Raw Meat
  • Recipe: O = Coal Nugget


  • Lifesteal 25%
  • Immune to Wither Effect
  • Food: Soul Sand
  • Recipe: O = Coal Nugget, D = Nether Star
  • Notes: 25% of damage dealt heals you

Inventory Pets Mod Peaceful Pets:


  • Speed boost
  • Gives you Eggs
  • Food: Seeds
  • Recipe: O = Feather


  • Removes negative potion effects
  • Fills empty buckets with Milk
  • Food: Wheat
  • Recipe: Left O = Coal Nugget, Right O = Iron Nugget
  • Notes: Must keep empty buckets in inventory


  • Night vision
  • Scares away Creepers
  • Food: Fish
  • Recipe: O = Gold Nugget


  • Bonus hunger saturation
  • Can eat poisoned foods
  • Gives you Porkchops
  • Food: Carrots
  • Recipe: O = Redstone


  • Slow fall
  • Gives you Wool
  • Food: Wheat
  • Recipe: O = Wool


  • Water breathing
  • Underwater vision
  • Swim boost
  • Food: Fish
  • Recipe: O = Lapis Nugget

Inventory Pets Mod Utility Pets:


  • Slowly auto-repairs damaged items in Inventory
  • Food: Iron Nuggets
  • Recipe: O = Iron Ingot
  • Notes: Only works in Survival (currently). Repairs every 1-3 minutes when in hotbar.


  • Sleep [Right Click]
  • Food: Wool
  • Recipe: O = Redstone

Brewing Stand

  • Brews random potion [Right Click]
  • Food: Nether Wart
  • Recipe: O = Cobblestone


  • Open [Right Click]
  • Food: Logs
  • Recipe: O = Wood Planks, F = Iron Nugget

Crafting Table

  • Craft [Right Click]
  • Food: Logs
  • Recipe: O = Wood Planks

Double Chest

  • Open [Right Click]
  • Food: Logs
  • Recipe: O = Wood Planks, F = Gold Nugget

Enchanting Table

  • Enchant [Right Click]
  • Food: Books
  • Recipe: O = Obsidian Nuggets


  • Smelts first item in hotbar [Right Click]
  • Food: Coal
  • Recipe: O = Cobblestone
  • Notes: Smelts first smeltable item in hotbar


  • Play Record, Pause Record, Play Next Record [Right Click]
  • Food: Redstone
  • Recipe: O = Wood Planks
  • Notes: Need to work on controls here, not so intuitive.

Nether Portal

  • Teleport to Nether (and back) [Right Click]
  • Food: Obsidian Nuggets or Nether Quartz
  • Recipe: O = Obsidian Nuggets
  • Notes: Currently does not save spawnpoints (bug)

Inventory Pets Mod Special Pets:


  • Resistance
  • Secret of Life
  • Food: Diamond Nuggets
  • Recipe: O = Lapis Nuggets, D = Nether Star


  • Uses Sonar to help you locate ores and gems
  • Food: Diamond Nuggets
  • Recipe: O = Cyan Dye
  • Notes: Pings louder and faster when near. Double ping means you are ‘in line’ with the Ore. Higher pitched ping means you are targeting a valuable gem. Cross mod compatible.

Purplicious Cow

  • Health regeneration
  • Fills empty buckets with Lava
  • Food: Diamond Nuggets
  • Recipe: Left O = Lapis Nugget, Right O = Iron Nugget, D = Diamond

Quantum Crystal Monster

  • Summons minions [Right Click]
  • Food: Lapis Nuggets
  • Recipe: O = Obsidian Nuggets

Inventory Pets Mod Legendary Pets:

Black Hole

  • Slow time
  • Food: Obsidian Nuggets
  • Notes: Slows all mobs and mob projectiles (arrows, fireballs), and gives you Matrix-like escape abilities.


  • Fast flight
  • Lightning strike
  • Food: Nether Quartz


  • Thorns
  • Poisonous
  • Food: Glowstone Dust


  • Saves you from certain death
  • Food: Golden Apples

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod.

Here’s an example recipe for the Creeper. Emerald Nuggets on the Outside, his favorite Food at the Top Center (Gunpowder), Diamond in the Center, and Gold Ingot at the bottom.

Most pets follow the above recipe structure. Materials for each pet (except Legendary) are listed above with the individual pets.

  • O = Outside Layer
  • F = Food
  • D = Diamond (usually)
  • G = Gold Ingot

Inventory Pets Mod Dungeons:

Dungeon Facts

  • Sky Dungeons are protected by Blazes, which only appear when you are near the Chest. This is the only place you have a chance to get a Cloud Pet.
  • Sea Caves are protected by underwater breathing Cave Spiders. This is the only place you will have a chance to find the Pufferfish Pet.
  • Underground Dungeons are protected by fast-moving Zombies. This is the only place to find the Black Hole.
  • Treetops are the only unprotected Pet hiding spot, but may be harder to find. This is the only place where you have a chance of finding the Slime Pet.

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