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Author: FixEye
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InvMove Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) allows you to move around in inventories while still using your inventory. Enables moving, jumping, sprinting, etc. From within inventories. It also hides the darker background tint when inventories don’t pause. These features can be toggled per-inventory via the config menu.


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  • Addon for InvMove that adds additional mod compatibilities.



  • Enable Mod: Enable the entire mod
  • Debug Display: Enables a debug overlay that can help debug compatibility problems.

UI Movement:

  • Move In Inventories: Enable movement in inventories
  • Allow Jumping: Allow jumping in inventories
  • Sneak Mode: How to handle sneaking in inventories:
  • Off = No sneaking
  • Maintain = Keep sneaking if you were when the inventory opened (default)
  • Pressed = Sneak only while holding the sneak button (can be distracting when shift-clicking)
  • Allow Dismounting: Allow dismounting from mounts in inventories (overrides “Sneak Mode” while on a mount)
  • Text Field Disables Movement: Disable movement when a text field is focused (like search bars or in an anvil)

UI Background:

  • Hide Inventory Backgrounds: Hides the background tint while in inventories.
  • Pause Screens Background: How to handle screens that pause the game:
  • Show = Always show background
  • ShowSP = Show background in singleplayer, otherwise allow hide
  • AllowHide = Allow background to be hidden

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