Iron Furnaces Mod – 1.18.2, 1.17.1 – Advanced Smelting

Author: Tymka
iron furnaces mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 advanced smelting

Iron Furnaces Mod (1.18.2, 1.7.1) adds several tiers to an already existing block called the furnace. The 1.12.2 version contains Iron, Gold and Diamond furnaces with their own cooking speeds. The 1.15.2 version contains Iron, Gold and Silver as well as Obsidian, Emerald, Crystal, Diamond, Emerald, and Obsidian fires. Each has its own cooking speeds. The 1.15.2 version includes Forge Energy, an enhancement for Smoking and Blasting recipes, and a method to smelt items. The Netherite Furnace is included in 1.16.1!

For 1.12.2, use the Forge menu in-game for speed configurations. For 1.13.2 and beyond, use the “ironfurnaces.toml” file in your config directory.


Brand new furnaces!

Fully automatable: This screenshot shows that these furnaces are fully automatable by other mods, and vanilla Minecraft.

Mod fuel-friendly: This screenshot shows that the furnaces accept fuel from other mods.

Mod Creative Tab: The mod’s creative tab, and all furnaces included in this mod.

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