Large Ore Deposits Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Rare, Super-Massive Ore Deposits

Author: Kompot
large ore deposits mod 1 19 2 1 18 2 rare super massive ore deposits

Large Ore Deposits Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.12) is a mod which adds extremely rare but massive ore deposits to our world. It can be compared to discovering the Holy Grail. This can give you extra motivation to mine and make you rich.


  • Easily configurable ore deposits with simple parameters
  • Predefined configs for the most common ores
  • Creation of mixed ore deposits with specified ore proportions
  • In-game commands for testing and tweaking
  • Ability to define an above-ground indicator of underlying deposit (e.g., a rare flower)
  • Setting different parameters and restrictions for different dimensions and biomes
  • Adding support for any ores by using in-game commands or putting custom configs to the adlods/Deposits folder


  • /lods list deposits – shows the list of all availiable deposits in the chat (config name = deposit name)
  • /lods list generated – logs the list of generated deposits with their coords (only for loaded chunks)
  • /lods add <deposit> <rarity> <minSize-maxSize> <minAltitude-maxAltitude> – defines a new deposit and creates a config for it (e.g. /lods add vibranium 2000 300-600 4-16)
  • /lods remove <deposit> – removes definition of specified deposit and its config
  • /lods reload – reloads all configs from the Deposits folder (no need to restart the game after making some changes)
  • /lods gen <deposit> – generates ore deposit in the current chunk with parameters from the config
  • /lods test <deposit> <amount> – generates ore deposit of the specified size at the current position, replacing also air blocks (usefull for quick testing without having to go underground)
  • /lods strip chunk – removes all blocks in the current chunk, which are not ores
  • /lods strip around – removes all blocks in surrounding chunks, which are not ores
  • /lods dress <chunk | around | all> – restores removed blocks (note that removed blocks are not saved between sessions, so make sure you have restored them all before shutting down the server)


Underground view

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