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Author: Tymka
left to die minecraft mod

Left To Mod 1.12.2/1.10.2 is a mod based on the prehistory era when Undeads would roam and dominate the entire world. You as well as other strangers went back in time by means of a time server and found yourself stranded in a universe filled with Undeads. You also seem to observe that there is a certain disease in the air which the Undead are immune to. However, other survivors will help you out with a source drop filled with anti-infection syringes that help lower your disease level. Now you must find resources, tools, and weapons to defend yourself in a universe devoid of resources. After slaying a few Undeads, you discover that they have materials that you need. Can you face the Undead Horde and live?


Hardcore RPG Mobs

  • Undead: Undeads roams around the world in packs/groups and are pretty scattered. Pack/Group sizes are determined by the difficulty system which is fully customizeable. Undeads also help each other out when they sense danger or when one of their member in a group is attacked. Undeads comes in different types and levels each having their own strength. The type of Undead and the level of Undead is also determined by the difficulty system. Undeads drop essential loot to build up equipment and weapons to defend yourself since the world has no ores. The loot drop highly depends on the type of the Undead and their level. There are also Undead base/camps around the world randomly generated and there could be loot inside of their base.
  • Warrior: Warriors are strong, ruthless Undeads that doesn’t care about wearing any protection or defense. Their goal is to just mainly attack anyone that they can get their hands on. They carry different types of axes depending on their level. Higher leveled Warrior can attack fast, can attack further, can damage more, move fast, have higher health and are smarter. Warriors usually drop bones, flares, coals, redstones, iron ores, gold ores, lapis and diamonds depending on the level.
  • Ranger: Rangers are fast, agile and accurate Undeads that are more defensive and give cover to Warriors and Knights. Their goal is to keep whoever is attacking the Undeads backed off so that other Undeads can go kill off the attacker. They carry bow with infinite arrow and can wear different types of Armor depending on the level. Higher leveled Ranger can pull bow faster, can spam bow, more accurate, move fast, strafe more and quickly, have higher health and are smarter. Rangers usually drop bones, flares, coals, redstones, iron ores, gold ores, lapis and diamonds depending on the level.
  • Knight: Knights are fast, strong and agile Undeads that are on a horse and provide a huge boost to a group of Undead. Their goal is to reach the attacker faster than anyone in the group and kill off the attacker before it can hurt their group. They wear strong armor to keep themselves protected on the horse back and they never leave their horse. Higher leveled Knight can move faster with the horse, have better horse armor, can hit further, can attack fast, can damage more, have higher health and are smarter. Knights usually drop flares, coals, redstones, iron ores, gold ores, lapis and diamonds depending on the level.
  • Dire Wolf: Dire Wolves are big, fast and deadly animals that are tamed by the Undead to kill you. Their goal is to stop the attacker from reaching their group and they are highly trained to kill you. They are also known to leap and can carry bad diseases. Dire Wolves drop tooth that can be used to craft sharpened sword of any type(iron, gold, diamond).
  • Undead New AI: Undead have a new AI system that have realistic sight vision and ability to work as a group rather than individuals. They are also high on alert and can also spread infection to survivors if they are hit a lot.
  • Undead Base: Undead have a base where they live. Warning: don’t enter their base.

Infection System

  • Infection System in Left To Die works in the basis that the infection is airborne. So no matter what you do, you will also have some infection on your system. However, it’s essential to control the infection level to stay alive. Things that increases infection level and how fast that level increases depends on how many times you are attacked by an Undead and if that attack has resulted on an infectious hit. To lower the rate at which your infection increase and lower your infection in general, you will need to use Anti-Infective Syringes from the Supply Drop. Because if you don’t have the infection level maintained, you will start to take damage. The speed at which you take the damage depends on badly infected you are. You can keep track of the infection level on the bar at the top right. You also don’t lose infection when you die so be aware of that.

Supply Drop System

  • When you kill an Undead, there is a chance that you will get a flare, depending on the Undead type and level. When you get the flare, right click on the ground to call for help from other survivors. After some time, hopefully a survivor will answer you by dropping a supply drop. A supply drop is a really strong block to break so you will need a diamond pickaxe probably. After you break open the supply drop, you will get items such as anti-infective syringes, foods, obsidian, diamond sword, diamond pickaxe, etc. However be warned that after you call for help by putting up the flare, it will alert a lot of Undeads to check out the spot where the flare was used. So make sure to be stealthy.

Crafting System

  • You can craft yourself strong sharpened sword of gold, iron or diamond by using diamond/gold/iron blocks instead of ingots and putting two dire wolf on both sides of the top row. Sharpened sword are twice as strong as their regular counter-part and are essential to kill off higher level Undeads.

Custom Difficulty System

  • The difficulty system in Left To Die is based on how many days you have survived. The first day is considered a peaceful day where no Undeads will spawn. Take this day to prepare yourself and your base and to make sure you have stone tools and weapons and have some food supply.
  • After the first day, the undeads will start spawning in packs. The number of Undeads in a pack won’t be that large at Easy difficulty which is the first difficulty. Also the Undeads that are spawned will be weaker and have weaker levels.
  • On the 8th day, the difficulty will be normal and more higher levelled Undeads will start spawning. Undeads such as Rangers, Knights will spawn more frequently and in larger groups. Also there will be more dire wolves per groups.
  • On the 19th day, the difficulty will be hard and even more higher levelled Undeads will start spawning. Undeads such as Rangers, Knights will spawn even more frequently and in larger groups/packs. Pack sizes now will be pretty big. Also there will be more dire wolves per groups.
  • On the 32nd day, the difficulty will be extreme and the highest levelled Undeads will start spawning. If you survived thus far, I am impressed.
    Undeads such as Rangers, Knights will spawn in huge groups. There will be a huge amount of dire wolves as well. This is the last difficulty and the hardest to stay alive in.
  • If you can survive atleast 40 days without dying at all, you have won life!


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How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.
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