Legend Sword Mod – 1.16.5 – Unique Abilities, Incredible Texture

Author: LadyLeska
legend sword mod 1 16 5 unique abilities incredible texture

Legend Sword Mod (1.16.5), adds many weapons and materials, as well as enchantments to weapons. This mod adds new types of swords with unique abilities, unique recipes, and amazing texture. Combating mobs is a common activity in Minecraft. If you’re in survival mode, upgrade your inventory to get new cool swords that can be used against mobs.



Weapons: A small amount of the weapons that are waiting for you in this mod!

Items: A small number of items as well as materials that you will see in this mod!

Crafting Station: These are crafting tables where you will make most of the weapons!

Diarim Room: A structure where you can discover the diarim sword as well as most of the items!

Geodes: A structure where you can find rare crystals as well as a large amount of ore.

Nether Treasure: In this structure there is a suspended barrel, with a small amount of resources, and also a little secret!

Prizmatic Tower: A tower in which a very rare sword can be located!

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