Macaw’s Bridges Mod – 1.19, 1.18.2 – A lot Types of Bridges

Author: EvgenBro
macaws bridges mod 1 19 1 18 2 a lot types of bridges

Macaw’s Bridges Mod (1.18.12, 1.18.2) allows for small variations in bridges. This version currently has 20 types of bridges. Guardrails work now too!

This mod increases Minecraft’s number of bridges. This mod allows you to create a variety bridges to improve the quality of your life. It makes it easier to connect two points. There are many bridges that can be made of different blocks. You can use them depending on your terrain and design preference.


  • Iron Bridge.
  • Birch Bridge.
  • Spruce Bridge.
  • Dark Oak Bridge.
  • Warped Bridge.
  • Rope Birch Bridge.
  • Rope Jungle Bridge.
  • Rope Dark Oak Bridge.
  • Rope Warped Bridge.
  • Sandstone Bridge.
  • Red Sandstone Bridge.
  • Oak Rail Bridge Powered.
  • Spruce Rail Bridge.
  • Birch Rail.
  • Jungle Rail.
  • Acacia Rail Bridge.
  • Dark Oak Rail Bridge.
  • Crimson Rail Bridge.
  • Warped Rail Bridge.
  • Bamboo Bridge.


The iron bridge over a river.

The variations for Log Bridges!

Rope Bridge over a river

Every variation for the rope bridge!

Majestic view (Breathtaking)

You can’t fall off, can’t you now?

Brick Type Bridges (Rock Solid)

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