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Author: EvgenBro
naturalist mod 1 19 2 1 18 2 the vildlife is here

Naturalist Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) introduces a variety of animals from real life into the wild. Players have become familiar with cute creatures like sheep and cows since the inception of Minecraft. However, these animals are very dumb and stupid and can’t do much other than roam around in a group. Many players demanded that Mojang introduce new creatures so they could have fun, play with them, and have the intelligence of an average animal. Mojang’s focus has remained on the enemies of the game, rather than their allies and companions. Naturalist was created with this in mind. It allows you to bring in animals and also create intelligent AI systems that allow them to behave as real-life creatures.


  • Bears are the gentle predators of the forest. Don’t provoke them or go near their cubs and you’ll be fine… unless you’re a Deer.
  • Birds fly around the treetops, chirping as they do so. Maybe they’ll be loyal to you in return for food.
  • Butterflies flutter about, looking for flowers (and crops) to pollinate.
  • Caterpillars spawn by breeding butterflies and will crawl around, looking for nearby trees to create a chrysalis on.
  • Deer walk and run across the world, munching grass and avoiding Bears. I wonder if there’s a way to mimic their movement?
  • Fireflies light up the night and can be found in biomes such as Forests, Plains, and Swamps. Would it be weird if you consumed one?
  • Snails crawl around the forest floor… aimlessly. As Snails do. Be careful you don’t jump on them, or they might meet an unkindly fate.
  • Snakes are lower forest predators, consuming the smaller animals that Bears can’t be bothered to hunt.
  • Lions are the rulers of the Savanna, and will hunt mobs at night. Be careful though, they won’t hesitate to fight back!
  • Giraffes are gentle giants. If you feed them a Golden Apple, they’ll allow you to ride them for 30 seconds. During this time, Maps’ radius are greatly increased. To breed them, use a Hay Bale!
  • Elephants mosey around, minding their own business. They fight back when attacked.
  • Hippos tend to stay near the water, but watch out, because they’re always hungry! They’ll attack boats and any Players that go into their pool. To breed them, feed them a Glistering Melon or a Melon Block while they’re in the water.
  • Rhinos are generally docile unless they have a baby with them. If aggro’d, or if their baby is approached, they will scrape their foot 4-5 times before charging!
  • Vultures fly around, squawking in the air. Come nightfall, they’ll attack Zombies. When Players are low on health, Vultures will swoop down, stealing the item in the Player’s hand. If a
  • Vulture steals an item, they’ll carry it around while flying. If Rotten Flesh is dropped on the ground, they’ll trade out the item they’re holding.
  • Zebras are the Savanna’s equivalent of Horses, and are tameable in a similar way. They’re a slippery bunch though, and will run away if approached! However, once tamed, they run faster than Horses while in water, and can be chested.
  • Boars are neutral animals that replace Pigs in Savanna biomes. When attacked, they will fight back, and run away when low on health. I wonder what happens if they’re struck by lightning..


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