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Author: LadyLeska
nomadic tents mod 1 19 1 1 18 2 become a real aboriginal

Nomadic Tents Mod ( is a style-conscious portable housing solution that allows you to create a home with your own personal design. Nomadic Tents mod offers some tents. They can be kept inside a trip into a carpil dimension. It will be the interior and a place for chests, beds, crafting table, etc. This mod will allow you to take your home with it! You can build a Yurt or Tepee or Bedouin and then take it down. There are three sizes of tents: small (5×5), medium (7×7) and large (9×9).

How to use:

Step 1: Make the tent

You have 3 options for your tent so far: Yurt, Tepee, or Bedouin. Each can be upgraded in size by crafting it with the previous recipe. Warning: Upgrading a tent causes it to lose items!

To build a Yurt, make Tent Canvas and Yurt Wall Pieces.

To build a Tepee, make Tepee Wall Pieces using 4 leather (or 6 rabbit hide)

Finally, to build a Bedouin, make Bedouin Wall Pieces using regular wool:

Step 2: Build the tent

First make a Tent Mallet. The tent is not going to construct itself!

Use the tent item to place frame blocks in the shape of your tent. Then hit each piece with the Tent Mallet to build. This will take about a minute in real-time, so don’t wait until night falls to start!

The Super Tent Mallet can do this with just one click! The recipe uses enchanted golden apples or gold blocks, depending on the config.

Step 3: Enjoy the tent!

When you finish building the tent, click on the door to enter (preferably with an empty hand).

What’s this? The tent was 5×5 when you built it, but the inside is much bigger!

Medium Bedouin Inside

That is the magic of Nomadic Tents: Every tent is the same size on the outside (and takes the same amount of time to set up), but the inside can be luxurious and roomy! If you upgrade it, that is.

Yurt Outside:

Large Yurt Inside (fire included):

Tepee Outside:

Large Tepee Inside:

Bedouin Outside:

Step 4: Move the tent

How useful is a house when it’s stuck in one spot? Not very useful, which is why Nomadic Tents exists in the first place!

Simply use the Tent Mallet on the door to de-construct your tent. Set it up somewhere else and everything will still be inside.


Open the config file to tweak this mod (NomadicTents.cfg in later releases, yurtmod.cfg in earlier releases)


  • Enable/Disable each tent’s crafting recipe
  • Enable/Disable crafting recipe for Super Tent Mallet
  • Enable/Disable “tent refund” where using an invalid tent makes it drop its recipe components (slightly buggy)
  • Enable/Disable sleeping in your tent. If this is off, beds will explode like they do in the Nether!
  • Enable/Disable players from walking into tents
  • Enable/Disable other entities from walking into tents
  • Enable/Disable respawning in tents when players die in a tent
  • Enable/Disable non-Creative players from teleporting inside a tent
  • Change dimension ID. Leave it blank to let Forge find an available dimension ID
  • Change percent chance of tepee blocks having designs. Just cosmetic.
  • Change how many wall pieces result from each recipe


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