Observable Mod – 1.18.2, 1.17.1 – Ticktime Investigating

Author: LadyLeska
observable mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 ticktime investigating

Observable Mod (1.18.2, 1.7.1) allows players the ability to see which entities are using up tick-rates on the server and client, without the need to examine them in depth. As these issues are quite common on average PCs, players who load too many entities at once will experience stuttering and lags. Players would only be able to identify packets that take up too much space within the game and remove them without affecting the content of the entire game. There are currently no methods that players can use to examine entities other than digging into the files folder. Observable will however describe every entity within the loading area. This information will allow players to easily adjust the game to reduce lag or stuttering by adding Mod Packs and Resource Packs.


  • Players can tell how much an entity takes up their tick rate.


observable mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 image 1
observable mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 image 2
observable mod 1 18 2 1 17 1 image 3

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