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Author: FixEye
pixelmon auction mod 1 12 2 world of pixelmon features

Pixelmon auction Mod (1.12.2), integrates into the pixelmon world a function that allows players to bid on certain Pokémon other players have captured. Each auction would have an unique ID to ensure fair bidding. To start bidding, sellers would need to establish a price. The pokemon will be available to the highest bidder. However, they would have to pay the full price to exchange it for their pokemon. The trading system is designed to protect players from being scammed and allows them to trade their pokemon freely. The trade will only be accepted if both parties have met the prerequisites and agreed to it.


  • /pauct <slot> <price> <increment>: Creates an auction selling the Pokémon from the player’s chosen party slot, with the initial price and the bid increment defined by the player.
  • /pabid <bid incrementation|price + bid>: Places a bid on the currently active auction, increasing the bid by the specified amount OR set the bid by the total amount (price+bid) according to the config.
  • /pacancel: Cancels the player’s pending auction.
  • /pauc cancel <player>: Allows staff to cancel another player’s auction.
  • /pahide: Toggle command to hide auctions messages.
  • (admin commands)
  • /palog: Show you latest auctions on the server with their auction message and can give you the pokemon by clicking on the message.
  • /paloggive <id> <player>: Will give to the specified <player> the pokemon from the auction n°<id>.
  • /parestore <id | link>: restore a pokemon from an auction (or from anywhere). You just need to put the nbt of the pokemon as arg or a link with raw text. You can get the pokemon nbt from log file (if you want to restore an auction, just use /palog and clic).
  • /pareload: Reload all values from the config file without restarting the server.


  • Players in the world of Pixelmon can trade their pokemon through the Auction House.

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