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Author: Tymka
portal gun minecraft mod

Portal Gun Mod 1.12.2/1.10.2 is a mod that includes many elements from Valve Corporation’s games Portal and Portal 2 such as a portal gun, weighted cubes, beams, turrets, and much more. The mod does not, however, include chambers from Portal. This mod adds a few different items most of which are from the game Portal.


  • Portal Gun: The portal gun comes in a few different colors and can create portals corresponding to its color. Portals are made by left and right clicking, portals cannot be made on transparent blocks, if an invalid location is selected for a portal there is a small particle effect similar to the game Portal. Portals can be reset by pressing the “R” key while holding the portal gun using the default settings. Solid blocks and mobs can be picked up with the portal gun while nearby by pressing the “G” key on default settings and can be dropped by pressing the “G” key again, blocks dropped by the portal gun will fall similar to sand and gravel if not placed adjacent to a solid block, blocks will also keep damage values and tile entities. Some blocks cannot be picked up if mod author’s choose, a good example of this is rubber tree blocks from Industrial Craft 2 cannot be picked up with the portal gun to prevent creating a wall of tappable rubber blocks. Blocks and mobs held with the portal gun will be taken through portal gun portals but the player must walk through first. When only one portal is active it will appear similar to how it would appear in the game Portal, however when there are two active portals of corresponding colors you can see “through” each portal to the other one. If a portal is shot onto the moon and the other on the ground, all blocks and entities nearby will be sucked in. Portals have an outline that can be seen through blocks similar to in the game Portal and Portal 2.
  • Portal Spawners: When placed a portal spawner will show a GUI displaying all the portal colors from which you can pick, a portal spawner will spawn a portal when activated with a redstone current, this portal is no different than one created with a portal gun.
  • Weighted Storage Cube: To put it simply, a storage cube is an entity, which can be used on pressure plates and can be pushed around by other entities. Companion cubes can be smelted into the music disk “still alive” which can be played in a jukebox to play the Valve’s Portal song,which will play in the portal game after you defeat GLaDOS. The storage cube can also be combined with a rose on the crafting grid to make a companion cube, see weighted companion cube.
  • Weighted Companion Cube: Companion cubes can be made by combining a weighted storage cube with a rose in the crafting grid to make your new friend. Companion cubes can also be smelted into the music disk “still alive” which can be played in a jukebox to play one of Valve’s Portal songs as will play in the portal game after you defeat GLaDOS. Otherwise, they perform in the same way as a Weighted Storage Cube.
  • Sentry Turret: Turrets are entities that are hostile to all entities except the player, an odd feature. They shoot laser tracking beams from a laser on the central part of their body and a turrets side panels will pop out when tracking something, not unlike in the portal game. When bumped sharply or hit. Turrets will also rotate/move if gently pushed, and when “de-activated” will make noises like in the portal game. Turrets have a 1/10 chance of spawning normally.
  • Defective Turret: The defective turret is a turret that has a laser beam tracker, but will not shoot anything at all, and has an odd texture much like the portal game. They will also say different things than the regular turret.
  • Oracle Turret: Oracle turrets have the same texture as a sentry turret, but have no laser beam and always face forwards. They will also perform a “dance” (performs like an accordion) and sing the song “Valve: turret wife serenade” when placed in a row of four. Several groups of oracle turrets can be made to dance at the same time, as long as there is at least five blocks of air between groups.
  • High Energy Pellet Launcher: The High Energy Pellet Launcher is from portal 1,this shoots an instant-kill pellet that moves at a moderate speed,it needs to be placed on a block,and it will turn back into the item when the block it is on is destroyed.If you get the pellet into a High Energy Pellet Catcher,the Catcher will emit a redstone signal.The Launcher itself needs to be powered by redstone to shoot a pellet,and it will stop shooting pellets once the pellet it last shot hits a High Energy Pellet Catcher.
  • High Energy Pellet Catcher: The High Energy Pellet Catcher will emit a redstone signal when a High Energy Pellet hits it. Like the High Energy Pellet Launcher, it must be placed on a block, and it will turn into the item if the block it is on is destroyed. When the use button is clicked on the launcher, it wil release the HEP(High Energy Pellet).


portal gun mod image 1
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portal gun mod image 3
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Crafting Recipes:

portal gun recipes screenshot 1
portal gun recipes screenshot 2
portal gun recipes screenshot 3
portal gun recipes screenshot 4
portal gun recipes screenshot 5
portal gun recipes screenshot 6
portal gun recipes screenshot 7
portal gun recipes screenshot 8
portal gun recipes screenshot 9
portal gun recipes screenshot 10
portal gun recipes screenshot 11
portal gun recipes screenshot 12
portal gun recipes screenshot 13
portal gun recipes screenshot 14
portal gun recipes screenshot 15
portal gun recipes screenshot 16
portal gun recipes screenshot 17
portal gun recipes screenshot 18
portal gun recipes screenshot 19
portal gun recipes screenshot 20
portal gun recipes screenshot 21
portal gun recipes screenshot 22
portal gun recipes screenshot 23
portal gun recipes screenshot 24
portal gun recipes screenshot 25
portal gun recipes screenshot 26
portal gun recipes screenshot 27
portal gun recipes screenshot 28
portal gun recipes screenshot 29
portal gun recipes screenshot 30
portal gun recipes screenshot 31
portal gun recipes screenshot 32
portal gun recipes screenshot 33

How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge and iChun Util.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.
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