Prestige Mod – 1.12.2 – A New Pointing System

Author: FixEye
prestige mod 1 12 2 a new pointing system

Prestige Mod (1.12.2), introduces a new system in which players can earn “prestige points” that they can later use to buy rewards. You can earn prestige points by completing random quests that are given to you throughout your journey. Prestige’s unique feature is its ability to be used across all worlds. Players’ progress would not be lost once they begin a new world adventure. This prestige pointing system will convert into points for each world. This feature will encourage players to play multiple worlds, without worrying about them failing. Players can use the earned points from missions for equipment and other items. Players can also compete with other players to see who earns the most prestige points.


/prestige – This command will show you all the commands in the mod.

/prestige add <player> <amount> [source] – This command will award the player a specified amount of prestige points.

/prestige remove player <amount> – Allows for points to be removed from the player.

/prestige open [player] – Opens the prestige reward GUI. If no player is specified, the gui will be opened for the one running the command.

/prestige info – Shows information about your current prestige points.


  • A new Prestige Point system can be utilized between worlds.

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