Professions Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Receive Rewards by Repeating Actions

Author: Kompot
professions mod 1 19 2 1 18 2 receive rewards by repeating actions

Professions can be described as a self-contained system that adds jobs or occupations to the game. They also have their own leveling system. Mod Professions (1.19.2, 1.18.2) allows for long-term advancement through different professions. Repetition of actions can earn rewards (e.g., break stone, get exp). You can build, mine or farm, enchant, craft and fish in the 11 jobs built-in.


  • Professions are data-driven (and easily extendable in code if you can) Meaning you can have as many professions as you want, or you can stick with the defaults provided.
  • Rewards: By default an occupation will provide profession experience and, optionally, an item reward if you add it. On fabric, you can also use EightsEconomyP Mod to add money rewards for your economy.
  • If you want to gate gameplay there are now tool unlocks and block unlocks, meaning if your occupation isn’t as a certain level, you either can’t use that tool or receive the drops from a block.
  • Professions can be used either Serverside only, or Client and Serverside. If both the client and the server have the mod installed, players can use ‘R’ (by default) to open the menu and gain access to the professions menu. If only the server has the mod installed, then users will need to use the commands below. The mod also integrates with luckperms if you want to directly give specific commands to the user or not.


Pickaxe locked until level 22: An example of an unlock that prevents tool usage until the level requirement is met

Example of a locked block: Blocks/Items with unlock requirements have a tooltip that tells you to hold a control to see what level they unlock at.

Professions Menu


  • /professions help
  • /professions join
  • /professions leave
  • /professions leaveall
  • /professions info []
  • /professions stats []
  • /professions browse
  • /professions top
  • /professions reload
  • /professions fire
  • /professions fireall /professions employ
  • /professions setlevel

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