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Rats Mod 1.16.5 and 1.15.2 add rats. Small creatures, called rats, that spawn in the overworld at night like monsters. They run away from players when they see them. Rats can be a nuisance because they are capable of digging through wood walls, stealing food and seeds from boxes, and destroying crops. Rats can also sneak through fences to get through doors.

Getting Started:

In order to protect one’s lively hood from rat attacks and infestations, they can craft a rat trap, like so:

These and traditional defenses against rats, like stone houses and Ocelots can help protect against rodent infestations.

Another important aspect of Rats is cheese. Cheese is made by pouring milk into a cauldron, like so:

Asides from being a good food source, cheese is also used to tame wild rats, and for a plethora of rat-related crafting recipes. This cheese making process is highly configurable, just like rat behavior, and can be disabled and substituted with cheese from other mods processes. One can tame a wild rat first by cornering it, then by dropping cheese on the ground near it. After 10-15 feedings, the full rat will trust the player and become tame. Tame rats’ inventories can be accessed by interacting with them, and one can place rats on their head and shoulder by sneak-clicking them. In the rat inventory screen, players can view information about their rat(such as its gender or its status) and command the rat to do other behaviors.

Current Rat commands include:

  • Wander – Rat will move around similar to wild behavior.
  • Stay Here – Rat will sit down and not move.
  • Follow Me – Rat will follow its owners like a wolf or ocelot.
  • Transport Items – Interacting with a rat with a Cheese Staff (Cheese + Stick in crafting table) will bind it to the rat. Sneak-clicking on an inventory(chest, furnace, other mod’s machines, etc) will mark that inventory for the rat to take items from, while clicking on an inventory will mark an inventory for the rat to deposit items in. Once both the rat has a marked deposit inventory and pickup inventory, it will begin transporting items from one to another.
  • Gather Items – The rat will search the local area for grass blocks(to break into seeds) or for mature crops to harvest. Using a Cheese Staff to set a deposit inventory functions just like the transport items command.
  • Hunt Prey – The rat will hunt small or hostile mobs. Be aware that by default, non-upgraded rats are quite weak and easy for monsters to kill. For mob drops, using a Cheese Staff to set a deposit inventory functions just like the transport items command.

The rat inventory screen also allows players to access the held item of the rat, along with giving it a helmet or headgear to equip, and managing its upgrades.

There are a multitude of upgrades that can be crafted for rats, ranging from simple health and speed boosts, to massive strength and armor gains, along with new abilities, like cooking food and carrying entire stacks of items. Most of these upgrades can be created with cheese and diamonds.

To breed rats, and to create new colors, one must craft a rat cage, like so:

Players can place rats in cages by first putting them on their shoulder then by interacting with the cage. They can be freed from the cage by simply interacting with it again. Rats of opposing genders in the same cage will breed every day and create 1-5 pups. These pups have a chance of having new color mutations not present in their parents.

Caution must be taken when around wild rats, for some have been reported to carry deadly diseases. These rats have bright red glowing eyes and have a mangy, green fur. They are hostile on sight and will make aggravated noises when they encounter players.

There are other features included in rats that are complementary to the main focus of the mod, the rats. These include special clothing like the Chef’s Toque, which is used in an upgrade recipe, and assorted vegetables which is a secret crafting ingredient for Chef Rats. There is also support for Tinker’s Construct, allowing players to make weapons and tools out of cheese.


Wild Rats

Caged Rats

Rat Eyes In the Dark

Rat and Cheese

Rat and Helmet

Rat Trap

Rat Transporting Items

Rat Chef

Rats Raiding Farm

Plague Rats

Rats and Cat

Rats on Shoulder

Crafting Recipes:

Recommend that you should install Just Enough Items (for mods using Forge) or Roughly Enough Items (for mods using Fabric) to view the full recipes included in this mod.

Mods Supported:

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