Rise of the Animagus Mod – 1.12.2 – Wizardry Combines Morph

Author: EvgenBro
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Rise of the Animagus Mod (1.12.2) integrates Electroblob’s Wizardry with the Morph Mod by adding over 24 new spells to the Morph mod and 10 unique artefacts. These spells include powerful transformation spells and combat spells. You can also turn into a lich to bend the world to suit your wishes.


  • A complete overhaul of the Morphing system, rebalancing it…
    • Players can no longer acquire morphs, morphs are spell-based
    • Implemented many new spells to transform into specific entities
    • Added multiple options for pack makers to tweak the spells
    • Added multiple alternative options for pack makers to allow player morphing
  • New Active and Passive abilities for morphs!
    • … Shoot some webs as a spider, spit flames as a phoenix …
    • Morph for 1.12.2 never had active abilities, this mod implements abilities for many mobs.
    • The new abilities are highly flexible, so pack makers can create more using configuration
  • Become a Lich
    • Liches are powerful undead beings, without the need for food and other mundane sustenance.
    • They have a semi-incorporeal body and the ability to fly and must feed on souls.
    • The player can become a lich through a ritual, permanently changing (persists after player death too!)


A Lich player: You can achieve permanent lichdom through a ritual, sealing your soul in a Soul Phylactery.

Becoming a lich

Disguise spell: Shh, nothing to see here! (A player concealed as a bookshelf block)

Many new spells for your arsenal of magic

Turn a player or a mob into a rabbit!

Conjure the souls of your enemies: Conjure any creature as a minion for your army by capturing its soul in a Soul Phylactery

Phoenix Rise: Transform into a Phoenix and shoot flames

New artefacts: Some of the new artefacts added by the mod

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