RoadRunner Mod – 1.16.5 – Optimizing Minecraft

Author: MrShadyMan
roadrunner mod 1 16 5 optimizing minecraft

RoadRunner Mod (1.16.5), places a lot of emphasis on optimizing Minecraft to make it a better game for everyone. RoadRunner Mod (1.16.5) is not focused on adding new content. It aims to improve the overall gaming experience and make it feel more responsive. RoadRunner not only provides a better gaming experience in terms FPS and game performance but also has a tangible impact on the tick times of multiplayer servers, creating a rich multiplayer experience. There won’t be any packet loss or stuttering when players attempt to join a friend’s world. Instead, players will feel like they’re in the same world, another world, and everything is in sync. There will be flaws in the overall optimization due to being a Mod. However, these will be addressed soon.


  • Overall Multiplayer Experience is made to be better.

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