Rockhounding Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 – Core, Chemistry, Rocks, Surface, Ore Tiers

Author: LadyLeska
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Rockhounding Mod 1.2.2, 1.11.2 focuses on building decorations and building materials. It also provides a hint on how to get them. However, it also aims at enhancing exploration and cave mining in order to find and collect various resources. Each path has its own unique method.

  • Simple rockhounding can lead to a vast array of minerals and rocks that can be searched for and used in building parts. Each rock is shown with its natural look.
  • Chemistry attempts to understand the chemical processes that transform a mined material into chemical elements and alloys. These are used to create new tools and machinery.
  • Gemology is the art of extracting gemstones from raw rocks and polishing them for magical-like purposes. They can be used to create items, blocks, or trigger effects and events.
  • Additional features will bring the world themed resources to enjoy.

Mods are provided with low-tier technology. This is a collection of machines and devices that can process materials in a reasonable manner through GUIs or player interaction. You will also find simple experiments and functional features. Each feature is intended to be as progressive as possible to emphasize the questing element of the mod.

The Tech Tree shows you quickly all of the components and what they can do. It is made up of several sections that cover the various paths. Each section can be disabled independently of the rest.


Rockhounding Mod: Core

  • Utility mod containing the common classes and APIs shared by all the Rockhounding modules. It includes the CofH api for the machines energy supply, the Rockhounding Api for custom recipes and some mod internal items.
  • It will be required to load any of the modules. To avoid off-sync issues between the core and the modules it is suggested to update always to latest version of all.

Rockhounding Mod: Chemistry

  • Rockhounding Chemistry runs through the processes which bring a mined undefined mineral to be analyzed, acknowledged and treated to become chemical elements.
  • The purpose of the mod is to reproduce a working chain to acquire several commonly used elements and metals in the Minecraft mods pool, using a progressive manipulation to turn the generated mineral into the final dust form. It leads then to several features involving the extracted elements, be them decorative features, functional applications or experiments.
  • The mod brings a set of machineries which interact eachother, working as parts of a unique factory. it aims also to involve the player in the chain, planning how to prioritize the resource handling towards the efficiency.

Rockhounding Mod: Rocks

  • Rockhounding Rocks is focused on producing decorating and building materials. It generates in the overworld a wide collection of rocks to search and process into building parts. Each rock is depicted with a reasonable typical real-life look and is provided in its raw and polished form.
  • The rocks are spreaded through all the biome types to enhance exploration, hence a wider biome variety will be welcome for the best working.

Rockhounding Mod: Surface

  • Rockhounding Surface is meant to be a collection of various features, mainly for hobbistic and decorative gaming purposes, concerning different types of nature and geology related resources and their reasonable applications.
  • Each feature is composed of standalone applications and companion applications. The standalone applications are already performed by the mod. The companion applications are themed applications accessible when other mods are installed, to use additional resources and tech not available here. Wiki will show a list of the current applications and their availability.

Rockhounding Mod: Ore Tiers

  • This mod is meant to make access to the main vanilla ores less cheaper and more challenging, trying to don’t alter the original supplying materials.
  • It may work better in a Vanilla Plus scenario, not heavily modded, where the main resources are a key part of the survival.
  • The Vanilla coal and iron are replaced by several variants of them from real life, depending on level, biome, quantity and quality of the contained resource. Configuring the abundance of each ore, it will take more exploration and caving for the better quality supplies and some planning for the most efficient usage.

Tech Tree:




Ore Tiers


Mob Trees

Grown Crystals

Flames and trails

Building Set

Glass panes

Enchanting room

Beach hut


Tiled room




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