Rustles Mod – 1.12.2 – Settings and Options for Pixelmon

Author: Kompot
rustles mod 1 12 2 settings and options for pixelmon

Rustles Mod (1.2.2) adds administrative features to the Pixelmon server’s hosts. Although a server’s host can have many settings and options to run their servers smoothly, it is not available for Pixelmon servers. This feature is needed because Pokemon evolving and spawn-rate options are required by players. The Rustles Mod will allow servers hosts to modify and alter what is happening in their pixelmon servers. Rustles Mod is essential to make your server more efficient. Without it, hosts would need to go through complex coding progress, which can be very difficult to alter if they don’t have any prior knowledge.


/rustleconfig <key> <value>: Temporarily modifies some config values until the next server restart (Or until closing the game, on singleplayer).

Key: Level, IVs, despawnDist, maxDist, maxYDist, message double, chance, radius, giveUp, maxRarity, maxShinyChance, minHARate, haRate, shiny, despawnSecs


  • A Multitude of New Commands for the Host to alter their pixelmon servers.
  • Use /rustleconfig to start modifying the server.

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