Sanguis Mod – 1.19.2, 1.18.2 – Bleeding Mechanic

Author: EvgenBro
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Sanguis Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) adds Bleeding mechanics similar to those in Soulsborne games, along with equipment that specializes on Bleeding. Bleeding can be described as an effect that does true damage. This damage cannot be reduced using any means, armor included. When it reaches level 5. Bleeding can increase its level by one (or two in some cases). By looking at the special particles surrounding the Bleeding mob, you can determine its level. Some mobs (undead mobs and golems) are immune to Bleeding. You will hear a special sound when the Bleeding effect activates. You will be given a fancy overlay if you are the one who activates Bleeding. Unbound blood is a vital item in Sanguis that you need to craft any mod. It can be obtained by mixing crimson Lily (which you can do by killing aggressive mobs while they are on block with small flowers growing), blaze powder and nether wart on crafting table, or by buying it from a cleric for one endearing pearl and one ghast tears.



Sanguis adds various weapons, both melee and ranged (or semi-ranged). All of them not that impressive on their own but their power comes from Bleeding application and special abilities. Melee weapons always apply Bleeding on hit.


Aside from weapons, Sanguis adds some other equipment and enchantments focused on Bleeding.

Eye of Sanguinius

  • An eye from the golden armor of the Great Angel. When it is in second hand bearer of this artifact is cursed with unquenchable hunger that can only be stopped by attacking enemies affected by Bleeding. In return, when bearer replenishes their hunger with the help of this artifact they can also regenerate some of their health

Chant of Blood

  • A book full of arcane knowledge.. or just a cleric’s cooking book, it is yet to decipher what is written in it. When it is hold in second hand bearer gains power to summon a bloody shades of slaughtered enemies. Tho those shades are not perfect copies of slayed monsters, they are still strong enought to protect bearer. They attack any nearby monster or anyone who tries to attack bearer (except other players)

Dr. Faust

  • A hat made of demonic remains, it possesses a power to deprive enemies of their blood. But for it is a demonic artifact, the one who wears that hat is also under it’s effect so you should not be reckless while trying to collect blood of your foes. Michael Jackson not included.


  • Rupture – an enchantment appliable to weapons. Weapons enchanted with it can apply Bleeding to attacked enemy, higher the level of this enchantment – higher the chance of applying Bleeding
  • Bloodlust – a curse appliable to weapons. Grants guaranteed application of Bleeding on attack both to you and attacked one
  • Bleed – an enchantment appliable to chestplates. You have 1 in 2 chance to negate incoming damage and apply Bleeding to yourself


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