Sapience Mod – 1.19, 1.18.2 – Making Piglins More Intelligent

Author: EvgenBro
sapience mod 1 19 1 18 2 making piglins more intelligent

Sapience Mod (1.19, 1.18.12) adds more interesting behavior to Piglins in order to better portray them as unique sentient beings.



  • Piglins now have a reputation system that works similarly to Villagers. Doing things like fighting alongside them against Wither mobs, giving them gifts and bartering with them increases your reputation. Doing things like hurting or killing Piglin mobs and engaging in unauthorized mining/chest opening around them decreases your reputation.
  • At +50 reputation with a Piglin, you will no longer be required to wear gold armor around them. At +100 reputation, you will be authorized to open chests and mine gold around them.
  • At -50 reputation with a Piglin, you will no longer receive items from bartering. At -100 reputation, you will be attacked on sight regardless of whether or not you are wearing gold armor.
  • With an empty main hand, you can shift-right click a Piglin (or a Villager!) to receive a chat message detailing how much reputation you have with them.

Food & Breeding:

  • Piglins seek out and pick up food items (by default, porkchops and cooked porkchops) and consume them, complete with an eating animation. Players can also right-click them with their food items if the Piglin has not already recently eaten and they will accept it. Eating food will also restore a Piglin’s health in an amount identical to the food item’s hunger value.
  • Once Piglins have enough food value (by default, 12) – determined by the sum of all the hunger values of the food they have recently eaten – they can start to breed if they are an adult or force-age themselves if they are a baby, depleting their stored food value.
  • Baby Piglins now grow up to an adult after 20 minutes. Force-aging themselves reduces this time, like baby animals.
  • Piglins will decline food if they are hostile or in the middle of attacking something.

Gold & Bartering:

  • Piglins store gold ingots and gold nuggets in a separate inventory, including gold ingots they received from bartering. Any non-bartered gold ingots and gold nuggets will drop when they die or are zombified.
  • Piglins can craft gold armor and weapons and equip themselves with them if they have enough gold in their inventory. If they are fully equipped, they will attempt to craft equipment for a nearby Piglin and give it to them. A Piglin who has either crafted equipment or has received it as a gift from another Piglin will admire it before equipping it.
  • Piglins can now barter with gold nuggets and gold blocks. Gold nuggets make you far more likely to receive common barter items, with all item stack sizes halved. Gold blocks make you far more likely to receive rare barter items, with all item stack sizes doubled.
  • Piglins will now accept gold non-bartering items directly from you, like gold equipment and stuff like gold horse armor, and anything else tagged under the vanilla tag “piglin_loved”.
  • Piglins will no longer drop bartering loot if the bartering item they received did not come from a living being. This change can be disabled in the config.


  • Piglins now shake their heads like Villagers when declining an offered item.
  • Piglins now emit particles/make sounds when accepting an item from you or declining it.
  • Piglins will drop crimson fungus near Hoglins occasionally. This is done in an attempt to make the Hoglin population increase, so Piglins can continue to hunt them, establishing an ecological balance and making them responsible hunters.
  • Hoglins will seek out and pick up breeding items (by default, crimson fungus) if they have not already recently eaten and try to breed if they are an adult or force-age themselves if they are a baby.


Piglin declining food

Piglin accepting a gold nugget for bartering

Piglins breeding

Piglin fully armoring itself in gold

Fully armored piglin sharing its wealth

Piglin feeding a hoglin

Hungry Hoglin picking up crimson fungus

Hungry Piglin picking up a cooked porkchop

Piglins will no longer require you to wear gold if you have a high enough rep with them

Piglins now eat

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