Sim-U-Kraft Mod

Author: MrShadyMan
sim u kraft minecraft mod

Sim-U-Kraft Mod is an NPC-based’Mod’ for the hit indie game Minecraft. It expands and changes that the Single Player / Survival game play a little by adding facets of â$˜Survival cityâ$™ and â$˜The Simsâ$™ to the standard Minecraft game play. It expands and changes that the Single player game-play with the addition of facets of â$˜Sim cityâ$™ and â$˜The Simsâ$™ to the game. As the player, youâ$™ll use â$œSim-U-Folksâ$ (NPCs) to perform the following: Builder, Lumberjack, Miner, Wheat,Pumpkin,Melon,Potato,Carrot Farmers, Baker, Soldier, Shepherd, Grocer, Courier, Builderâ$™s retailer, Butcher, Pig farmer, Cattle farmer, and Chicken farmer, Terraformer, Glass makerâ$¦more added with each update!

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Sim-U-Kraft Mod
  • Unzip the above file to your desktop, it will give you another zip file and one folder called €˜simukraft€™
  • Copy *that* zip file and the folder to your %AppData%/.minecraft/mods/ folder.
  • Do not unzip that file
  • Done

Note: No need to put anything into the Minecraft.jar file (except Forge). You€™ll know it€™s worked when you start a new world or open an existing world, it will ask you if you want to run Sim-U-Kraft on this world or not. For further help and support, see below! To un-install, simply drag the file out of your mods folder into the recycle bin.

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